United Tea Party of Georgia

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    So what do we, collectively, know about the "United Tea Party of Georgia" ?
    How many 'tea party' groups are there, anyway? At least a couple, right?

    Today I went to United Tea Party of Georgia meeting at a V.F.W. post.

    It started with a prayer (asking God's forgiveness for letting America get so far away from Him, and asking that we (the people? or the government?) put God into every aspect of public life.

    The crowd was all white, and a super-majority were old enough for AARP membership. There were 10X as many 65+ seniors than people under 40.

    The guest speaker was State Senator Michael Williams. He talked about the legislative process in Georgia, and how ordinary people can educate themselves about important bills and then lobby effectively for or against them.

    We talked about taxes, and whether the State should authorize counties to impose a new form of tax on new development to fund the county schools.

    We talked about the GOP convention, and heard from one of the Republican delegates "David" who was there. He didn't start out as a Trump supporter several months ago, but as Trump became the clear leader he chose to unify behind that nominee. David acknowledged that Trump was not the first choice of many Tea Party members, but now we should all get on his side to defeat Hillary.

    Senator Williams talked about how Georgia has given its approval to holding a constitutional convention. He said that he'd support an Article 5 convention to amend the constitution in a more conservative way, taking it back to the original intent of the Framers.
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    Sounds like a miserable time except the part about the Con-Con.

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    Yes but after all they talk about on the website is over, then comes the elephants, clowns, monkeys and all that stuff.