United States Concealed Carry Assoc.

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  1. thebugman

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    Anybody here a member or receive Concealed Carry magazine? Is it a valuable resource?
  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    I have never seen it, but it is discussed frequently over at packing.org.

  3. jmorin

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    Concealed carry mag

    I have a subscription. I was excited about the magazine the first couple of months but since then I have lost interest. Every issue it's the same 2 topics...interviews with average joes (and janes) who carry concealed. What they carry, why, how long, have they have used their weapon in a defenisve situation, etc. Gets kind of boring after the 3rd or 4th person.

    The other topic is usually tactical advice from the experts on using your gun in life-threatenting situations. The articles seem more like a plugs for the experts' training courses and camps.

    I think the magazine is well done but it gets monotonous. I like a variety of topics in my gun magazines (that's probably why I subscribe to so many!) You know, profiles of new guns in the market, ammo testing and comparison, real-life stories of defensive gun use, politics, gun history, hunting, etc.

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    I just got my first issue - just finished reading the first 2 articles. Not boring yet. It actually looks like it might be a better resource to hand out to friends and relatives interested in learning more than Rifleman or Guns and Ammo etc as it focusses on the why and the how and not just the what (gun).

    Also gave my kids a subscription for Christmas. My daughter called up excited when she just got her first issue as well.
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    Hey Dad, I haven't seen mine in the mail yet. Can you check on that order and make sure it gets here. I am sure that I will be just as excited as my sister, and will share it with all my friends. If you need my address again let me know. :D