Tx Ex- Gov. Ann Richards Died

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    "The Sept. 18 Molly Ivins column lauded former, and now deceased, Texas Gov. Ann Richards. Ivins wrote: 'Annie told the Texas Legislature that if it passed a right-to-carry law, she would veto it. They did and she did.' Yes, Richards vetoed the law."

    "A few weeks later in Texas, at a Luby's Restaurant, a crazed gunman shot 17 or 19 Texans who were disarmed by Richards' veto, but the same veto did not disarm the crazed gunman. Ivins makes a joke about Richards saying that a Texas woman wouldn't be able to find a handgun in her handbag."

    "Well, there was a woman in Luby's that fateful day who could have found her handgun, but her gun was locked in her car's trunk in the parking lot, per then-Texas law and in accord with Richards' veto." ...

    http://www.star-gazette.com/apps/pbcs.d ... 8149247046
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    No Fair !!

    No Fair ! You can't blame Ann Richards for the Luby's massacre unless you give her CREDIT for saving all those innocent lives. You know, the lives that weren't lost under her administration that WERE lost under G.W. Bush, when all those pistol-packing Texans with valid CCW permits whipped out their hidden pistols and blew each other's brains out over who gets the closest parking spot in the mall parking lot, etc. I mean, how many innocent people have been murdered by CCW permit holders in Texas since Gov. Bush signed the law that Richards vetoed? Thousands? Hudreds?

    Okay, maybe dozens? Several? A few? Multiple?

    Even one? Maybe? If we look hard enough, I'm sure we could find one.

    Well, maybe not yet. But you've got to allow some time for this reckless gun-crazy law to take effect. I mean, it's only been what-- ten years --- since it was passed in Texas?

    Well, all those lives that WILL be lost one day are lives that were not lost under the fine compassionate leadership of Gov. Richards, and we should all thank Ms. Molly Irwins for bringing this to our attention.

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    I guess this is a little late, but the woman discussed in that article (the one with the gun locked in the car) is now a Texas legislator. She lost both her parents in that attack.

    Penn & Teller interviewed her for the Gun Control episode of BS!