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A shooting at a Kansas City shopping center has left at least two dead a fire official said.

Local FOX affiliate WDAF reports that the gunman is also dead, but it is unclear if he is one of the two fatalities.

The shooting occurred shortly about 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the Ward Parkway shopping center in south Kansas City, police said.

"We have at least two fatalities, maybe more," said Joe Vitale, a Kansas City fire department battalion chief.

Preliminary witness accounts gave conflicting accounts of exactly where the shootings occurred. Television video showed a window shot out at a Starbucks coffee shot but some witnesses said the shooting occurred around a Target store.

Aaron Washington, 34, a worker at Target, said the shooting appeared to happen near store's entrance into the into mall.

He said he was coming back from lunch when he heard gunshots.

"The only person we saw was a black gentleman holding his eye. The man had apparently been shot," Washington said.

Yesenia Erives, 11, of Kansas City, said she was seeing a movie at a movie theater in the mall when she heard two gunshots.

"Then a worker from the theaters, he said to go back in the theater because there's a guy who shot some people," she said.

The theater was evacuated and the mall was shutdown, with the surrounding streets also closed down.

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I've noticed the news seems to be putting a lot of these stories on the front page, almost like they are preparing the country for new gun control legislation. Hmm...

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4 Killed in Kansas City Violence

Apr 29 09:16 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A man driving a dead woman's car shot a police officer, then opened fire in a parking lot and a mall Sunday, authorities said. By the end of the day, four people, including the gunman, were dead.
Police shot the gunman to death outside a Target store inside Ward Parkway Center in south Kansas City, police spokesman Tony Sanders said.

Target employee Cassie Bradshaw, 19, was in a break room with two other people when they heard shots. Then, her co-workers saw a man in his 50s with a rifle "shooting everywhere," she said.

"It sounded like maybe firecrackers at first but then they got louder and louder and louder, and it sounded like someone shooting a gun," she said.

The string of violence began early Sunday afternoon, when police went to a home to check on an elderly woman relatives hadn't seen for days. The woman was found dead and her car missing, Sanders said.

The car was spotted later in the day at a gas station by an officer, who pulled the driver over and was shot in the arm, police said. The officer, whose wound was not life-threatening, returned fire and shattered the window of the gunman's car.

The car took off and was seen later at the shopping center. The man pulled into a parking space and fired at the cars on either side of him, killing two people, authorities said. He fired more shots, wounding two people, then went inside the mall, Sanders said.

Police did not say how the elderly woman died, or if the gunman was a suspect in her death. But they did say they believed the events were connected.

The mall, one of the city's busiest shopping centers, was shut down and officers were going through each store to see if anyone else might have been involved, Sanders said.

The gunman and victims' names were not immediately released, and conditions of the wounded were not available. ... _article=1

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From Boortz:


The police finally shot and killed the shooter .. but why did people being threatened by this man have to wait for the police to show up? Was this mall another one of those "gun free zones?" If a private citizen with a concealed carry permit had pulled out a gun and put this idiot out of our misery, would we have had another hysterical woman crying to the media that this private citizen had been allowed to carry a gun?

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David W. Logsdon lived in his next-door neighbor’s house and used her credit cards while her dead and battered body lay on the floor, evidence shows.

He also apparently used a rifle from her home to launch a deadly rampage at Ward Parkway Center Sunday afternoon, just an hour and 40 minutes after police found Patricia Reed’s body.

A Social Security number etched onto the .30-caliber M1 carbine semiautomatic rifle belonged to Reed’s late husband, a World War II veteran who died in 1993, The Star confirmed Tuesday.

Logsdon apparently moved into the house after Reed’s murder because it offered all the comforts his own home did not, The Star also learned.

His home contained food for his two cats, but none for himself. Utility companies had cut his power and water.


His checking account was overdrawn. He owed money to creditors. The former unarmed security guard couldn’t regain that job because of warrants for property code violations.

And Jackson County this year sent him two letters threatening foreclosure if $3,369.50 in back taxes, interest and penalties remained unpaid. The second letter, sent April 2, was headed “Final notice before foreclosure filing†and set an April 30 payment deadline.

As Logsdon’s home deteriorated, and his financial resources dried up, police believe Logsdon, 51, beat Reed to death, moved into her home and began using her resources and driving her car.

Investigators think Reed had been dead at least three days by Sunday. No relatives had talked to her since April 21.

It was her stolen car that drew police attention to Logsdon at a Bannister Road gas station Sunday. Police aren’t sure why Logsdon was there, but an officer’s arrival kicked off a gunfight that left the officer and Logsdon wounded.

Logsdon sped away and launched a shooting rampage at Ward Parkway that killed two shoppers and wounded at least four others. Within minutes, a police officer killed Logsdon with two shotgun blasts as Logsdon headed toward his former employer, the Target store.

Police haven’t found a suicide note or anything to explain Logsdon’s actions.

But Logsdon’s sister said her brother left her a cryptic message Sunday asking her to take care of his cats.

Police found empty beer cans in Logsdon’s truck and Reed’s car this week. Beer cans also littered his home, police said.

Although Logsdon apparently found beer money, he had not paid his taxes or any bills for some time, police said. Police found unopened letters containing 2006 tax information in his unkempt home.

“It was filthy,†said homicide Detective David Needham.

Another detective, Alane Booth, added the home was outdated and disorganized.

“It was like walking back in time,†she said. “He had old letters and papers that were yellowed from age sitting in piles.â€

The Reed and Logsdon families were longtime neighbors, but eventually most members of each family moved or died, leaving David Logsdon and Patricia Reed.

Reed had helped Logsdon over the years, even co-signing a vehicle for him, according to police. Reed’s emergency contact person had been Logsdon’s sister, police said. Logsdon had suffered from mental illness for a long time, Cagg said, but the situation worsened when their mother went into a nursing home. She had held him together, not just emotionally but also financially.

Her brother started pawning things to pay for food, Cagg said. In October 2005, he tried to get Reed to give him a gun. Instead, Reed gave him food because he had gone without meals for four days.

A concerned Reed called Cagg, who contacted police. Officers took Logsdon to a mental-health facility, where he was evaluated and released within a few hours, his sister said. The facility sent him home with a cab voucher and a list of resources.

“We just seriously need to look at our system and how we deal with people as seriously deranged as my brother,†Cagg said.


Police were still tracing the origins of two .22-caliber handguns Logsdon used in the gunfight with the police officer at the gas station. Based on their serial numbers, one had been manufactured in the 1950s and the other in 1965.

Though it is unclear whether Logsdon owned either gun, he had gun books and literature, dusty ammunition reloading equipment and several types of bullets in his house, police said. None matched the calibers of weapons used in the crimes.
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