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Two-inch LEGO gun gets 4th-grader in trouble

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A tiny toy led to big trouble for one fourth-grade New York City boy.

Patrick Timoney, a 9-year-old student at PS 52 in Staten Island, N.Y., was in the school cafeteria Tuesday playing with LEGOs when he was taken to the principal’s office and threatened with suspension. One of his toys was a LEGO policeman that holds a 2-inch plastic gun. The school has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to toy guns.

“[The gun] was so little,†the boy told WNBC. “I wouldn’t really think that the principal would cause a lot of commotion just for a little gun.â€ ... ay_people/

More rabid Hoplophobia and absence of common sense. :screwy: :screwy: :screwy:
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New York City; it figures. This case is an example of rationality thrown completely out the window. And for a two inch Lego plastic toy gun? I wonder what they would do to a child with a four inch drawing of a gun?

I'm telling you - this "zero tolerance" is not about safety at all. It is nothing less than attempted mind control. The school systems are acting no less than bullies, preying on children and using them as pawns. And they have the nerve to tell us that what they do is "for the children". They make me sick. :puke:

I hope Patrick Timoney's parents sue the principal, the school, the school district, and win big!
Just another case where the teacher and principal are:
1. too stupid to be trusted to care for children, or
2. too cowardly to make their own decisions, therefore,
not qualified to care for children, or
3. power-mad little despots, therefore not to be trusted by anyone.

(See a trend here?)

"Zero-tolerance" isn't about keeping weapons out of schools. That's obvious - because teachers and principals are allowed to keep their hands and feet - both of which have been used to kill untold thousands of people.

And they have those evil books everywhere - I'm sure many people have been injured or killed by being struck over the head with a hefty tome.

There are literally thousands of things in a school that are more deadly than a LEGO soldier with tiny rifle. Do they ban those? Nope, because it's not about the safety of the children at all. It's about indoctrinating them with the paranoid fantasies that bedevil the Illogical, Irrational Left.
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Zero tolerance is a mindset that "they" want kids to grow up and be comfortable with. :foilhat:


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AV8R said:
Zero tolerance is a mindset that "they" want kids to grow up and be comfortable with. :foilhat:
You are almost right.

What 'they' are really after is for kids to grow up without the ability to judge right from wrong.

It is important that people not be able to make value judgments if you're planning on controlling and exploiting them for evil purposes.

You see this indoctrination at work everywhere.
We have "political correctness" - i.e. don't tell the truth, tell the lie we have approved, otherwise 'someone's feelings might be hurt".

We are told we must have sympathy for the poor criminal (who was 'a good boy, turning his life around, getting his GED') while totally ignoring the suffering of the victim.
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