TVAT - Title Tax appeal.

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    Can anyone help with where I would start in how to appeal the vehicle Title tax amount?

    We leased a minivan when we first arrived here. (And paid tax the tax on its new value). We have decided to keep the van and now having to pay a second round of tax on the same van. However the value of the vehicle is $19K. Ga Says its $25K. So I'm having to pay tax on $25K even though the value is only $19.

    Just trying to figure out why I'm 1 paying double tax (kinda funny to be thinking this around independence day) and 2 why I'm pay tax on a higher amount than the actual value.

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    Does this give the same value..
    Also they were supposed to fix the double tax problem (once when leasing and again when purchasing by same owner). But it looks like that has not happened yet.
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