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    Wow, the results are definatley one sided :righton:


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    I did contact him:
    "It has come to my attention that there is a oversight hearing regarding TSA scheduled for this Wednesday. I urge you to speak out against the TSA screening processes currently in place that are violating the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Specifically, the right to be free of unreasonable searches.

    In Terry v. Ohio the Supreme Court affirmed our right to be secure in our persons and stated the following:
    " Until the Fourth Amendment, which is closely allied with the Fifth, 4 is rewritten, the person and the effects of the individual are beyond the reach of all government agencies until there are reasonable grounds to believe (probable cause) that a criminal venture has been launched or is about to be launched. "

    No probably cause is being demonstrated by the TSA when they submit travelers to a full body scan or hands on search of their persons. If a police officer were to do the exact same thing the department would be sued and there would be no question that it is a violation of the rights of the person who was searched without cause.

    As a veteran I can appreciate the need to protect our country but when the measures used to protect the people infringe on their inherent rights then we have gone too far.

    I urge you to make sure this issue is brought up and do what you can to put a stop to the TSA practices that violate our right to be secure in our persons."
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    Y'know.... it may finally be time to get that kilt I've had my eye on; and dress appropriately.
    "C'mon sweetie, don't be shy, I promise it doesn't bite, ... it only spits."
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    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
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    Sent a letter to Johnny myself, and tried sending one to my rep, John Linder last night, but his contact form was broken at the time, or at least appeared to be.

    Trying to think of numerous things I can, and will, say when I fly this holiday season...

    "Let me know when to turn my head and cough."

    "What?! Only two tugs?! It's going to take a few more to get the job done right!"

    "Let me know if you find that pesky gerbil...little bugger got away again."

    "You mind doing my yearly prostate exam while you're down there?"
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    My mother and 3 of her friends for the past years, have taken 3 trips a year to Vegas, now they just drive to the Silver Star Casino.

    Vegas has lost quite a few thousand $ because of the TSA bs, and so have the airlines.

    Myself and the wife love to cruise, however we will no longer book out of the Port of Miami because we are not going to drive that far, nor submit to being groped or scanned.
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    I'll have you know that I resent that, sir.
    :lol: :lol:
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    I've mentioned in other threads that my family has gone from taking a couple flights a year to two flights this decade. If we can reasonably drive (flights were to France and for an Alaskan cruise, longest drive was Cape Cod), I do.
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    We need to let the airlines know, in no uncertain terms, that they are losing money because of the TSA. They might not listen to Joe Airtraveler, but if some of the big airlines start voicing their concerns, someone might take notice.
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    How in the He$$ can CBS find 4 out of 5 in favor of the new screening and the Reuters poll find 96% against it?

    I think the CBS staff made up some numbers to suit an agenda. I can see and
    participate in the Reuters poll just as anyone who feels opposite than I do about the
    subject. CBS didn't list where the heck they got there numbers from which leads me to
    believe that they could have fudged them up, presented them biased in a way that
    would get the result they wanted, etc. CBS's own online poll (pic below) shows 80%
    against, but they choose to do a story on some poll (they didn't even release the whole
    poll) that says 4 out of 5 approve. Why not a story on their own online poll showing the
    opposite. If this doesn't show you they have an agenda, nothing does.
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    I am so totally 100% on board with this idea. If one MUST fly, opt out and then let them find out what's underneath.