TSA opt out and poll to hit as well

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Guest, Nov 18, 2010.

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    I guess that means the government would be forcing a private firm to grope another private individual. You know....puppets. I guess it's good to be king.
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    I think a private firm would be better. I know the whole situation sucks to begin with, but part of the problem is TSA always has a don't give a poop cause we're untouchable attitude all the time. Private Firms would do their job regarding security while still being polite or risk being replaced by the airport.
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    You're right. But hopefully if the word gets out about some TSA layoffs due to opt-outs, the remaining TSA employees will also "get the message" and not feel so untouchable.
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    I, for one, am refusing to fly until this is sorted out. I refuse to make the choice between being irradiated/ strip searched, a hand job by big brother, or a 10k fine. I also let Delta know that I was cancelling my travel plans this Christmas as a result.

    I found that driving takes only slightly longer given the amount of time needed at the airport these days.
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    At least, you have a choice. The problem is that some folks are required to fly for work. Driving to the left coast and back isn't really an option.
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    True enough, but I am doing what I can. I am refusing to support it financially, and letting those who would have gotten my money why they aren't. If more people boycott these airports, maybe something will get done.

    Also maybe if enough pilots refuse this treatment, then maybe it will make a difference. What other options are open to us?
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    I really worry about friends of mine that travel for work...
    one in particular has been flying in and out of town nearly every
    week for the last 5 years.... Imagine the number of hit some of
    the flight crews will take... HOLY MOLEY :shock:

    that's over 400 exposures to those machines...
    Where are the longer term study results ???

    The FDA refuses to release promising anti-cancer meds because of the lack of
    long term study results... but the TSA can light us up on a regular basis with
    no regard for the effects over time... :screwy:

    Ummmm..... what'd I miss :(
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    There's one or two tiny difference the TSA isn't sharing.

    With a private company, if the airport authority doesn't like the way a company is doing its job it fires the company and hires another one.
    With a private company, if people complain about being abused by one of its employees, someone usually gets fired.
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    Yep. Flying Orlando to Atlanta is about a 6 hour ordeal once you make it to and from each airport, park, deal with security, and fly.

    Driving only takes about another 30 minutes.

    I think future civilizations will look back at us and wonder what was wrong with us:

    "Wait wait, you had cars that could safely drive 120+ mph, yet you arbitrarily limited their speed to 70mph?! WTF?"

    "Hold on, you had planes that could shoot you through the air at 300+ mph, yet you set up a bunch of asinine security measures that don't really do anything* thereby reducing the actual speed of travel to about the same as your cars? Were you guys so spoiled by technology that you just felt like WASTING it?"

    *and create a huge bottleneck of people at the security checkpoints that are far likely targets for terrorists than the airplanes themselves.
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    I was listening to 96.1 in the car today and the dj asked people to call in with their opinion on whether they think airport security is too invasive or not. I heard 2 people call in before I turned the radio off.

    1st person. " to all you people who think your rights are being violated all I need to say is 9/11"

    2nd person " our rights probably are being violated but its necessary to keep us safe"

    makes me sick