TSA Agent Accused of Raping a 14 Year Old Girl

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    A very significant part of this story is the statement from the TSA where they basically stated that even with all of their pre-hire screening, they cannot predict the future behavior of their agents.

    And even knowing and admitting they cannot predict the future behavior of their agents, they still exempt them from the same security screening they require of everyone else in secure areas of airports. This is proof that their cattle screening policy is not about keeping us safe. It's about getting us used to having our 4th Amendment rights violated.

    As Mo McGowan, a former Assistant TSA Administrator publicly said, "No one likes to have their 4th Amendment violated, but we're going to have to do it anyway."
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    "...they still exempt them[TSA] from the same security screening they require of everyone else in secure areas of airports."

    W.T.F. !!! You gotta be Sh!%ing me! These GED educated minimally background checked people, from all kinds of backgrounds and national origins (including those who were born and raised in countries known to be hotbeds of anti-Western terrorism), can bring weapons and explosives undetected into the secure area of the airport? Nobody checks THEM when they arrive for work each day?
    Nobody inspects THEIR lunch boxes and bags?


    I guess the TSA screening is really a dog-and-pony show. Not to provide security, just to provide the illusion of security (and maybe condition the masses to losing their privacy and being treated like criminals).

    Here's my position on it: A secure area means a secure area. Everybody gets checked, period. Now if certain people are allowed to have a weapon back there, like a cop, that's OK. But check the cop to make sure you know what gun he's carrying (he could be carrying 3 guns-- one openly in his hip holster, and two more in ankle holsters he intends to pass-off to his buddies in jihad who will sneak them onto a plane). Make sure the cop isn't carrying a bomb.

    Many burglaries are "inside jobs." So are many armed robberies of businesses. Most (as in, a majority) armored car robberies are inside jobs. Cops and military personnel and federal officers all have a small number of terrorists, criminals, and people who can be bribed or bullied into doing anything. So don't give those people a free pass to carry a submachinegun and a backpack full of grenades into the secure area of an airport.

    I want the baggage handlers, the mechanics, the cleaning crews, and even the guy who pumps gas into the fuel tanks of the planes to get the same screening as everybody else, IF we're going to be serious about keeping weapons off airliners.

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    If your a terrorist, then the best thing you could do is apply for a job with TSA. Then have your buddy come through security, then once he gets through go for the 'ole switcheroo.
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    Then how can they claim to predict the future behavior of the passengers they molest?