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Trying to track down a Kahr CM9 in ATL

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Before I start making WAY too many phone calls, does anyone know a shop in the ATL area that may be likely to have a CM9 in stock?
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I could swear i saw one at one of the shops i stopped in the last few weeks, but cannot remember which one.

lets see i have been to:
Bullseyes in Lawrenceville
GA Firing Line
Forsyth County Pawn
Cherokee County Pawn
Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range
Ed's in Stockbridge

Might of been to more, but i cannot for the life of me remember which shop might of had one. I remember wanting one to go with my PM40
Check 400 Jewelry & Pawn too.

Also, someone mentioned that Sharpshooters in Roswell had a bunch of Kahrs in stock, but he didn't mention which models he saw.
$417 at Bud's if you decide to buy online. Ooops...out of stock now. Sorry.
Melissa5 said:
$417 at Bud's if you decide to buy online. Ooops...out of stock now. Sorry.
I would prefer to buy from Bud's, but they were out of stock just as soon as they were in stock. I'll keep checking, though. Thanks.
The Kahr cm9 gun seems to be in big demand these days. I've seen on several forums where posters just bought one. If I needed a new CC gun I would really take a close look at this gun. (If I could find one to look at)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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