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Trying to find federal hst .45 +p need help!

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Well as many of you know Federal HST. 45acp +p is kinda hard to find! So I'm looking for some on the net at a reliable site. Anyone know one?
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goooood luck. I ordered some 9mm hst's from streichers last spring....still on backorder.
I've got 3 boxes of 100 (or maybe 50... I dunno I'm too lazy to look) got them on I also bought some HST's for my .40 from I've got a crapload of them, and they are fantastic bullets. Good luck! They are hard to get, and when you find them, they're pricey, but well worth it IMO.
one of the gun shops i frequent has alot of the HST. ill check and see if they have 45
That stuff has got a major kick to it!! :eek:
Use in steel framed weapons.
how about Fiocchi w/Hornady XTP +P 200g? I got some from Midway this week. I ordered it on Thur and got it on Mon. A box of 50 was $30 + shipping. Most .45 HP ammo I find is about $25/per 20-25, so I figure I saved at least $10.
Adam5 said:
That's the same guy I got mine from. He's great with shipping and stuff. Great to deal with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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