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Truglo Sights Question

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Went to the range yesterday and shot my Sig P320C. I bought it about a year and half ago with standard sights. Friend of mind took his M&P shield in the performance package with Fiber Optic (FO) sights. I have shot several of his other guns that have truglo sights on them but until yesterday I always said I didn’t need them. Well that changed yesterday.

My question is anyone have any experience with any of the following truglo sights;

-Standard FO sights
-TFO sights
-TFX sights

From my understanding the standard FO sights are not really night sights? Can anyone confirm this? Are night sights such as the TFO and TFX even necessary?

I have heard the TFO sights are someone fragile.

Looking at the TFX sights on the truglo website, they appear to be a ruggedized version of the TFO sights. If this is the case, is the extra cost worth it?

The Sig P320 is my carry gun when I carry IWB if this matters.

Thanks for the input
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The FOs have no tritium insert riding in front of it like the TFOs or TFXs.

I am willing to bet the TFO and TFX sights have the same durability. I think the two big differences between the two sights are:

Rear sight picture. The TFO has rounded corners on it's rear sight picture. The TFX rear sight picture is has 45 degree cutoffs, like the Novak tactical wedge.

The front sight has a colored outline. You can get an orange outline, which is something I really like.

I think the TFX sights are worth paying extra.

Thanks. I had read on other forums about the TFO's being fragile in that the viles that make them glow would break and come out of the sites. Unfortunately, I am unaware of anyone around Middle Georgia that has them in stock so I can see and compare for myself the differences.
I have both TFOs and TFXs. I like them both.

I have the TFOs on my Springfield XDc 45. I've shot it a whole bunch and dropped it (not on purpose of course) onto blacktop and they are no worse for wear after around 9 years.

I have the TFXs on my Walther PPQ. Haven't shot it as much as the Springfield, but they also appear very well made and are really bright.

My only complaint is they don't make them for more guns because they would be on everything I have.
I put TFO's on my XDm at the beginning of summer after shooting a friend's gun that had them. I really like them and have had no issues. I had looked at the TFX, and aside from the sight markings didn't notice any real difference, so chose not to spend the extra $.
I had the front light pipe in TFO'S just come loose and hang out of the front sight. just fell out randomly. cost $12 plus shipping to them to have it replaced
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