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Trip to South Carolina

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I'm going to Charleston, SC. next month. Anyway to CCW there with a GFL...or is it still the way it was?
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Charleston, huh. you have family there? I used to live in Summerville, Ladson, and Mt. Pleasant. Hoping to get a job out there soon at the Naval Weapons Station.
Mastino177 said:
No, I've just been facinated by the place ever since childhood. History...what can I say. I'd move there in a hearbeat under the right circumstances.
Make sure you take a carriage tour of downtown, they usually last about an hour or so and they will take you everywhere. Bunch of my friends used to be tour guides during the tourist season. Also make sure you check out the market, battery, and Fort Sumter. If you watch "Gone with the wind" you'll recognized parts of Charleston, as well as "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson, it was filmed mostly out by John's Island.

A really good place to go hang out after touring, is at the WindJammer on Isle of Palms, out past Mount Pleasant, as well as Front Beach. And Downtown has Wet Willies, Wild Wings, (best wings ever, something like 50 different flavors) and Tommy Condon's Irish Pub. Some of the best food in SC is at the Crab Shack, and Vickories (don't remember if it's spelled right).

In Mt. Pleasant there is a Wild Wings that always has something going on, as well as other good resturants. If you get the chance, go to Red's Icehouse on Shem Creek. Used to be an icehouse for the shrimpers to bring their daily catch in and sell. A local, named Red bought it before he died, and it was turned into a restaurant/bar. Very nice atmosphere, and all the locals hang out there, very laid back and relaxing. When I lived there they had a crowsnest bar with overstuffed couches. It was about 20 ft in the air over Red's and overlooked Shem Creek Inlet to the ocean. Very nice place to take a date when the sun was going down.
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