Trial set for firing over use of n-word

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by bdee, Jan 5, 2011.

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  2. streetriots

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    If he was discriminated against for his use of the word then I agree with his suit. While I do not agree with people using that word, I also do not agree with double standards. If the word is so oppressive why is it in common usage within the race of people that it oppressed?

  3. martin_j001

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    I find it very annoying that the people crying most loudly about "racism" in this country (state, city especially) are those that feel free to use this same word while telling others its "racist" if they use it. :screwy:
  4. kineticmind

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    It's definitely a double-standard, and a widely touted one at that. Just watch pretty much any stand-up comedy show... a black "comedian" can make a great living throwing around racial slurs about other blacks and especially whites. But the moment a white comic throws out the n-word once, he's instantly made into a pariah and the entire ACLU and their mothers spend every waking moment ensuring that person never works again.