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    Can anyone recommend a cost effective tree removal company in the Woodstock/Acworth area? I have 3 trees I need taken down and I will do the removal and clean up. They are close to the house otherwise, I'd take them down.

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    I second this information, I have 2 trees that need to go. I'm in the Cumming area. They're at the back of my property but a little close tot he fence and swimming pool fo rmy liking or I would've done it myself as well.

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    We had Postell cut 13 pines out of our yard about 5 years ago. He chipped 75% of the branches (ground the stumps for the difference) and cut the logs into the length the lumber company takes and stacked them in the yard so we could sell them.

    Kilmury has a crane that he uses to get them if they are close to a house but it costs close to $500 just to get it out. (I think that is the price)

    Drews is good as well as Geer Tree service.

    C & C TREE SERVICES I went to school with these boys. They still climb to cut trees.
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    West Cobb Tree Service
    Stan Wills
    Tell him Tim Parker recommend him to you.

    I used him years ago to remove pine trees from my back yard from the top - down. Reasonable prices and a great crew.
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    Funny you bring this up at this particular time.
    I just wrote an article (subject to editing and revision) that I'm going to see about getting published in some small newspapers or area magazines in Cobb, North Fulton, and Cherokee Counties.
    The article is about tort liability for land owners whose trees fall down and cause damage.
    The bottom line is that there is, these days, a duty to keep an eye out for sick / weak trees that look like they are at risk to fall over or have big limbs drop off of them. And there is a duty to take down such a tree carefully, rather than sit back and wait for it to come down on its own, where it might crush somebody's house, car, or land right in the middle of a busy road where someone will come along and crash into it a few minutes later.

    The last time I used a tree service, it was a guy based in Canton, I think. Let me think of his name.... I had it stored in the address book of my last phone, but it died and my new cellphone doesn't have him in it.
    If I find it, I'll let you know.
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    I've used Pro Tree more than once. They are super fast and take good care of your property in the process. Of course they provide a free estimate too. Not sure if they run up your way though, but you could try 'em.
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    Drew's Trees, on Toonigh road (intersection of Toonigh and Ranchwood). 770-345-7560

    Affordable, Reliable, and all around Good Guy. He also has a bucket truck, if that's needed.