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I'll be flying out to Las Vegas for my sister's wedding in March, and I have a question for you guys about traveling to firearms, especially to Nevada. I figured since the 2011 SHOT show was in Las Vegas last month, there would be at least a few people on GPDO who has experience with flying out there.

I understand the basic rules for flying with a firearm in checked luggage. I don't forsee any issues at the Atlanta airport. My question is for after I arrive in Las Vegas. I read the firearm laws for Nevada both on as well as on the Las Vegas Metro PD website. Here are my issues.

In Nevada, it is illegal to "carry a concealed weapon" at the airport, including the non-secured areas. Does this mean I am in violation as soon as I pick up my luggage? Will this mean I will be in violation when I attempt to check my firearm on the return flight?

One of the thing I was originally hoping to do was get a Nevada CCW, as I do go there fairly often. Unfortunately, my schedule is so packed with wedding related things, I will not have an 8-hour block to get the training needed for a Nevada permit. The Nevada training requirement is sort of ridiculous, and I always end up putting it off. I was very sad when Utah's reciprocity with Nevada was removed. As of right now, there does not seem to be any state that issues to non-residents that I could get a permit for that is recognized by Utah. The only state that issues to non-residents that Nevada recognizes is Rhode Island, and in order to get a Rhode Island non-resident permit you can apply by mail but have to pick it up in person.

Anyways, back on topic. I know OC is legal there without a permit, but I am not really interested in doing so on the Las Vegas strip. I would imagine the casinos would ask you to leave as it is private property. I'm mostly interested in having it in my hotel room, and having the option to have it on me if I go off-strip.

In any case my main concerns are: 1) What have people's experiences been OC'ing in the Las Vegas area, and 2) am I going to get arrested at the airport because my gun is inside my locked luggage?
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