Transferring ownership from GA to FL

Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by pNu, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. pNu

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    My friend needs to transfer ownership of a .45 Ruger pistol to his soon-to-be ex wife, but she lives in Florida. What are the steps necessary to do this?

    The gun was bought here in Georgia, and it is registered in his name. We're not sure if the ex would have to come up here for him to transfer ownership, or if he could just take it down there to her. Would they need to transfer ownership in a police station or in front of a judge, or somewhere else completely?

    I'm totally clueless. :oops:
  2. pro2am

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    If my experience with my ex is any indication, transfer the ownership through a FFL (Fed. Firearm License) holder like a gun store. That way there is a clear record of the transaction. Most will charge a nominal fee for the service. Tell him to go to his local gun store to work out the details.

    (EDIT) Actually, since it's across state lines, I think that he HAS to go this route.

  3. Wiley

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    Well first, there is no firearm registration in Georgia. Nor do I think there is in Florida. The only record is with the dealer.

    Secondly. And this presumes both are not 'prohibited people' in either state, if there is enough time while they are still 'married' the best idea would be for him to gift the gun to her. (going away present?) FedEx, UPS or just meet somewhere between and hand it over.