Toys for Tots signs completed....

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by higabyte, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. higabyte

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    Being in the Marine Corps and working at a reserve unit, there's one thing us active duty folks can rely on this time of year, Toys for Tots. We needed a couple signs made for a thing we're having and since I have a decal business on the side, I offered em up free of charge... They wanted them plain like, so I did something up plain as possible and my Gunny like it, so here it is ...


    If anyone is interested in donating any toys or anything let me know and I'll let you know when/where our stand-ups (when we stand in front of a location in our Dress Blues) are so you can drop off your donation.

    By the way, this post is in way meant to pressure anyone into donating, was just showing off my signs lol and offering up the info, just in case...
  2. gsusnake

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    I always donate as much as I can afford to Toys for Tots. If you know of any "stand-ups" in middle GA (Macon, WR, Perry, I'll even go as far as Dublin or Eastman) please let me know where they are.

    My mom always had my sister and I pick out one extra toy that we really, really wanted and had us drop it in the Toys for Tots box, every year, without fail. Even the couple years we didn't get much for Christmas.

  3. smn

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    I'll have to buy toys at a location other than Toys'R'Us since they prefer to have unarmed customers.
  4. streetriots

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    I need to start a tradition of donating to causes like these. When we moved down south my father struggled a little bit. He couldn't afford to give us the Christmas presents we were used to getting. He went to an organization during one or two of the holiday seasons and they gave him toys for us.