Top Cops Say Guns Flow Into Puerto Rico

Discussion in 'In the News' started by glockgirl, Mar 18, 2007.

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    Prohibitions don't work!

    Booze, drugs, porn, guns, gambling, prostitution or whatever! If people really want it, governments can't prohibit it.

    Whatever is prohibited in an area will be wanted by the people living there. It's just human nature and the proscribed items will always be provided by others looking to make a profit.

    There are people selling drugs today who could buy and sell Al Capone.

    Hell, they could buy him and wouldn't have to sell him...!

    The same is true for guns or whatever local laws have outlawed.

    Really, what did this idiot expect would happen?

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    It may be just me, but it appears that many many people would benifit in various ways from taking an introduction to Economics class.

    Though many parts of the class are informative, the section on supply and demand should be required learning. Specifically the part about why black markets exist.

    Statements made by many people just ending up making no sense if looked at economically. Reducing supply does not eliminate demand. As the supply decreases, and nothing is done to decrease the demand, the amount people are willing to pay will also increase.

    If the supply is reduced or virtually eliminated and the amount people will pay is greater than the risk of being caught, a black market will form.

    Frankly only 2 groups are helped by drastically limiting or prohibiting supply of highly demanded items, that would be law enforcment and criminals.

    LEOs get more money to fight the criminals. As criminals go to jail, supply is lowered. Demand is still the same so the price goes up. Now that prices are higher and the reward vs risk is higher, someone will step in and take the place of the supplier just put in jail.

    Do you know what 2 groups still in existance in America today that got started or have roots in the alcohol prohibition?
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    In Indonesia they put people to death for drug related crimes, and yet there is still black market for drugs. There will never be any punishment strong enough to eliminate the demand of illegal goods.
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    I have that thought at least once a week. It generally increases in proportion with the number of Democrats or politicians I listen to.
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    Crack is illegal everywhere in this country and I bet I could get some before tomorrow... and that's even figuring in that I'm a goofy looking do-gooder. I bet I could find crack 10x faster than an illegal gun... unless I broke into my own house and stole one... haha!

    Just because it's illegal doesn't mean that if people want it they won't be able to get it :roll:

    If people break the law put them in jail and keep them there. Eventually it won't be as big of a problem. Most crooks are repeat-offenders.