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Took the Sig P229 back to the range

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It has been too long. This was my first time back at the range with my handgun in over three months; only the second time in almost seven months. Everything was shot at 7 yds, and the photos are shown in the order that I shot them.

I don't know why there are 17 holes on this photo; one magazine is 15 rounds. Perhaps some of the shots knocked the stickers off of two previous holes.

I don't remember exactly (I've slept since then), but I think I was just shooting (and pulling it to the left). I think I did some double-taps too. I know I did focus several shots at the head.

On this target I practiced drawing from retention and firing double-taps, and then triple-taps.

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what caliber ?

good shooting
what caliber ?

good shooting
9mm, and thanks.
Your aimed shots on the Black circle targets seem to be consistently left. You may want to adjust your rear sight to the right a little to bring your shots to the center.
My first Sig was the 239 in .40 and I added a 229 in 9mm. They are my favorites even though I have a couple other Sigs in 9.
rjinga, unsolicited advice follows.

Slow down.

Work on focusing on your front sight and increasing your accuracy, i.e., decreasing your group size.

As you do that, you will speed up naturally while keeping the accuracy.

Just take your time and enjoy trying to eat a hole out of the center of the target with your pistol.
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