TOM ARNOLD argues gun control

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    Well, I don't know about this one. Obviously there is more to this story than what is being told. We have laws that are supposed to stop mentally ill folks from getting guns and he was discharged from the military for mental issues, so that alone should have stopped anyone from receiving a weapons license. Seems like there should be some investigation into how he was able to obtain a license and enforcement of the current law should be the focus here, not making more laws to combat the problem. And I can't swallow this whole "I've handled guns for 52 years. I support the Second Amendment. I own guns, but I am very, very careful because they are very, very dangerous. I know" argument from the guy who willingly married Rosanne Barr either. And how is the gun "very, very dangerous"? Deadly, yes, dangerous, no. Not one of my firearms has ever made me fear for my life knowing that they are in the house with me.

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    Oh yay...another unwanted opinion from a celebrity. Just what I was looking for today....

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    Tom Arnold is just using his nephew's corpse to try and get another 15 minutes of fame.
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    It is a great question how his nephew was legally able to obtain firearms in his mental condition and it should be looked into. However, let's face it, the gun was just the tool here that he chose to use. He had any other number of ways to commit suicide and not having a firearm wouldn't have likely stopped him. Tom should be smart enough to know that his nephew wouldn't have been saved by more gun laws.