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Item Description:

This young lady is holding my rifle. Oleg Volk took the picture.

It was made in 1943. It has a Tula stamp on the receiver. All of the parts have matching serial numbers. I'm asking $1400 for it.

The rifle is semi-automatic. The stock on this rifle is from a select fire rifle and so it's probably a bit sturdier than a semi-automatic model.

It comes with one magazine and a gas port tool. Also there is a tool for taking the stock off the receiver, but I don't have a picture of that.

The rest of the pictures I have for this rifle are at the link and some are not safe for work.

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the pic of the girl in black boots aiming the rife from the kneeling position shows a lack of cheek weld. She can't expect minute-of-angle accuracy without getting her cheek on the stock!

(Damn, I'm getting old for even noticing that. At least it wasn't the first thing I noticed. BOOBIES !!!! But then I noticed the photo was treated to give the rifle high contrast while the rest of the pic was faded and washed-out somewhat, and then I saw the cheek weld problem...)
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