Tokarev owners any pics.?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by vanguard, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. vanguard

    vanguard New Member

    I just got my first Tokarev and I already want to put custom grips on it, does anyone here have one they customized?

  2. dcannon1

    dcannon1 New Member

    This guy is based out of Europe and the turn around time is very long, but it seems that he does them. I got a custom set for my makarov and they were awesome (sadly sold them with the gun-huge mistake). If I wanted custom made grips this where I would go.

  3. broomhandle

    broomhandle New Member

    Hi V,

    I have two at the moment! they are nice guns for the most part... (Some of the Romanian pistols seem to have some problems!)
    Both of mine are factory stock!

    I have a SWEET Polish TT-33 with a total of three barrels! The standard 7.62 x 25, a 9mm & a 9 mm Largo!
    The other is a Chinese TT-33 Model -213 in 9 mm The pistol was made as a 9mm,(some say for the Chinese police use) the ejection port is smalled & it takes a narrow mag. There is a plate mounted in the mag well, so only the narrow mag can be installed.

    I never really thought about changing grips on mine. I feel they are more "collector guns" rather then self -defence pistols.
    They will do the self -defence job well!

    Please look into why you should NEVER carry a TT-33 with one in the chamber with the hammer down or on half cock!
    The pistol was not made to be carried that way. I know of at least two guys that shot themselfs on the net! :(

    Both of mine are accurate as any other handgun on the market today.

  4. broomhandle

    broomhandle New Member

    Hi V,

    I know a few guys that have had them chrome plated. The main use was a boat pistols in LA, FL shooting alligators & sharks.
    The fellows wanted penetration! The 9mm version is better fo stopping people as the bullet will normally not exit if it is a Hollow point.
    I'm sure if you hit some of the C&R boards or AOL /goggle search you will find lots of good grip info!

    Best, broom
  5. vanguard

    vanguard New Member

    oh yes i have a pair already picked out, i saw this site last night, i have been out of work for 18 months and just got a job as a security guard at a school for $7.50 hr , i had a whole lot of guns but had to sell them to pay bills, my wife got layed off 4 months ago also, I just got my GWL in 09/14/2010 but had no gun, so my dad gave me his tokarev to carry and he has health problems and does not want it anymore, so this is my CCW for now .
  6. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    With some practice, you can get really fast at drawing from a holster while carrying in Condition 3 -- chamber empty, mag loaded.
    Isn't this how the Israeli Mossad used to train their operators?
    I shot one Norinco Chinese Tokarev that jammed a lot, and another that is reliable, but both are very accurate and should be quite concealable with a decent holster, since the grip is small. The long slide won't matter if you wear the gun on your belt in a high-ride concealment holster.
  7. Ashe

    Ashe Active Member

    And I always wondered, If you were really fast doing all those steps then how fast would you be just drawing and firing?

    Although I understand why you would do it with a SA with no safety.