TN to tax illegal drugs

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    Sounds familiar, back when marijuana was origonally semi legal, you had to have a tax stamp in order to legally own/sell/manufacture/use it. In order to get the stamp, you where required to go to the Tax Office with the marijuana, effectively breaking the law because you didn't have a stamp.

    Long story short, In 1969 The Supreme Court declared the Marijuana Tax Act unconstitutional, and the feds responded by placing marijuana on the Controlled Substances list.

    So in other words, if your illegal monetary income isn't reported as taxable your adding another charge, and this one is most likely federal.

    Sounds like how they got Capone, couldn't pin anything else on him, so they got him with Tax evasion. :roll:
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    The other legal chalenge will be on 5th Ammendment grounds. To be taxed you have to incriminate yourself. Already been used succesfully.
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    Much like the federal gambling tax.

    If you're a bookmaker, you're breaking the law in 49 states.

    If you're a bookmaker without a federal tax stamp, you're breaking federal law.

    To get a federal tax stamp you must incriminate yourself locally.

    Wait a minute. Maybe that's the intent of the law...

    No. Surely that couldn't be. Make people incriminate themselves?

    Dat's downright UnAmerican!

    Ain't dat a 5th ahmennment issue? Hmmm..

    Ya don' tink dis is da same ting da youse?


    Kouldnt be!!!

    Ya tink??????????????


    Not a chance! Dey wouldn' dodat. Sertainly dey wouldn'!!!

    Would dey???