Tn Student Fighting for Carry on Campus!

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    From VCDL Alert:
    7. Campus carry movement expanding

    It warms my heart to see the college/university carry movement expanding to yet another state!
    Student Wants Right To Carry Guns On Campus
    Aug 26, 2007 11:55 PM

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The new semester brought a new debate to MTSU in Murfreesboro. Gun supporters say college students should be able to carry guns the legal and safe way: with permits and proper training.

    "Adults of the age of 21 that can prove to an instructor that they can fire a handgun efficiently and can pass a background check should be allowed to carry a handgun anywhere, not just on campus," said Carroll, self proclaimed gun advocate.

    The debate of guns at school was resurrected just in time for the fall semester thanks largely to an MTSU junior, Matthew Hurtt. Hurtt is not even old enough to own a gun.

    "The main opposition to my position has been people who've said, 'Well, anybody could get a gun, and then they're going to come on campus, and if they fail a test they're going to shoot the professor. And that sort of argument doesn't advance the debate at all. It's
    ignorant," said Hurtt.

    Hurtt has a seat on the student government association. He is drafting a resolution to allow Tennessee college students to carry and conceal a weapon on campus, but many freshman shudder at the thought.

    "I trust myself with the proper use of a gun. But I'm not sure I would trust someone else my age with the proper with a proper use of the gun," said MTSU freshman Aimee Garcia. [How's that for being a bigot? - PVC]

    The shooting earlier this year at Virginia Tech is Matthew Hurtt's sole motivation. He said students should have a way to defend themselves legally.

    Currently it is a felony in Tennessee for a student to carry a gun onto a college campus, and Matthew Hurtt's idea has many hurdles to cross: first, his fellow members of SGA; then the president of the university; then state lawmakers.

    Utah is the only state that clearly says it is ok for college students to carry and conceal weapons.

    MTSU's police chief said statistics support the belief that campuses are safer with gun restrictions. [Where did the police chief get his statistics? It is a felony to carry on a college campus in Tennessee, so his statistics can't include anyone lawfully carrying on campus. - PVC]
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