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I am moving from VA to Tifton in several months. We are used to shooting at the C2 shooting Center in Virginia Beach (former blackwater site). Are there any good ranges (Outdoor preferred) in the Tifton Area?

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Lived there for 6 years, on temp reassignment to Lynchburg Va.

Best shooting places in Tifton are at the place down in Valdosta exit 18 and about 2 miles west. That is a really nice place with lots of organized shoots on weekends and might convince you to get out your sixguns and join the Valdosta Vigilance Committee. Go on the first Saturday of the month to watch and you might be drafted to try a stage or 2 with loaned rifle, 2 sixguns and shotgun. Watch out tenderfoot the varmits are out there! That range is about a $250 a year membership.

Then the Ben Hill county range over in Fitzgerald through the County Dept of Leisure Services. Basically you sign up, pay your fee and get the combination to the lock. That one is a real nice range with lots of usages (skeet, trap, rifle, pistol, bow, woods and such) and is about $100 a year for non-county residents. I went there frequently on Tues or Wed afternoon and always had the entire place to myself and who went with me. That range goes out to 300 yards I think.

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