Thug hold-up guy vs. CCW guy...

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    I'm sure Sarah Brady will consider this another incident of a "child" being injured by a handgun... :lol:

    Employee's Husband Shoots Alleged Robber

    POSTED: 12:21 pm CDT July 4, 2007
    UPDATED: 2:50 pm CDT July 5, 2007

    FORT WORTH -- Police said three people wearing yellow bandanas robbed customers and cashiers in an Albertsons grocery store in southwest Fort Worth around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

    The husband of an employee was waiting in the parking lot for his wife when another employee called him from inside the store to tell him the store was being robbed.

    The husband entered the store with a handgun and confronted one of the robbers, witnesses said. The robber allegedly pointed his gun at the husband and the husband opened fire, officials said.

    After the shooting began, all three of the robbers fled the scene. The woman's husband followed them, still shooting as they ran through the parking lot and into a field behind the building, officials said.

    The husband, who has a license to carry a concealed handgun, told police he was certain he hit one of the robbers.

    About 90 minutes after the incident, a boy matching the description of one of the robbers arrived at the emergency room at Hugely Hospital in south Fort Worth.

    MedStar transported the boy, 17-year-old Raysun Johnson, from Hugely to John Peter Smith Hospital, where he was treated under police guard for gunshot wounds to his buttocks and foot. Officials said they expect to file charges against the teen when he is released from the hospital.

    Officers said they found a gun in a field behind the store and they believe it may be linked to the robbery.

    Fort Worth police are still searching for the other two robbers.

    Investigators said no charges are expected to be filed against the employee's husband.

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    Doesn't it sound like this guy was "running and gunning" wildly? Maybe I am missunderstanding and while I am all for catching the little punks, if he was so off target that he shot the guy in the foot, maybe he shouldn't have shot at all at that point, but you do what you have to do.

  3. Purge

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    I think technique went out the window.
    He was probably scared sh!tless and understandably so.
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    3 on 1, and he didn't back down!
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    Like Chuck Lidel said "Everyone has a plan...until they get hit."
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    Once he threatened those employees with a deadly weapon he ceased to be a 'boy' at that point.
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    Ask Sarah how the "boy" got the gun in the first place since her beloved Brady Bill would have made this "fine young man" undergo a background check, thus determining that he is not old enough to purchase said firearm.
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    Everyone has a plan till the first round goes down range. Not to mention getting hit.