Three new guns for sale. Two Glocks and one NAA mini revolver.

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    I own too many handguns and I'm the process of buying more long guns. Attempting to sell three (3) guns here. First up is a NIB gen 3 Glock 20 SF. This is the short frame model and I am the original owner. I purchased this firearm brand new from Candler Rd Pawn Shop and I've never shot it. The firearm and all accessories are in perfect and un-used condition. Asking price is firm at $500.00. I live and work in Alpharetta, GA off of exit 11 (Windward Pkwy). Please email me if interested at: Thank you.

    Second up is a NIB, gen 3 Glock 19 TB. This is suppressor ready model with the factory threaded barrel and raised sights. Purchased new myself at Martins Guns and Coins in Alpharetta. Gun remains new and unused it its case and came from the factory with two magazines. Asking price is firm at $500.00. See paragraph above for my location. Not looking for any trades at this time. Please email me if interested at: Thank you.

    Finally, I have a NIB NAA 22 magnum revolver. This is a five shot revolver with a 1 and 5/8" barrel (I believe). Purchased this new myself at Bullseye in Lawrenceville a few years ago and never used it. Asking $200.00 firm. See first paragraph for my location. Not looking for any trades at this time. Please email me if interested at: Thank you.
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    What is this "too many" handguns concept you speak of? :???:

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    I think it happens for a short duration while your gun safe is full and you are waiting for the new safe delivery.
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    I don't understand that concept either. Has he gone round the bend? Shall we organize an intervention?

    And a pic or 2 on that NAA would be nice. I have always wanted one, and this one would be easy to hide from She Who Must Be Obeyed. Can they fire 22LR, second cylinder? Have one? Details please.

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    I had one of those NAA's as a little BUG a while back. I really enjoyed it! GLWS!