Three Mass Shootings Stopped Today?

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    I can't find the news stories on their websites, but ABC, NBC, and Yahoo all had stories about potential mass shooters stopped today. ABC focused on the guys being young white males (one who identified as a "white nationalist" that wanted to shoot up a Jewish center).

    What they aren't pointing out is that it appears all three were stopped without the use of red flag laws. In each case, someone called the police because of credible threats, and then they were arrested. It looks like our current system is working just fine if various LEO agency stopped three separate mass shootings.

    Edit: Here is one of them:

    The video also refers to one of the other guys arrested today in Florida, but the story I saw on ABC also said there was a third guy arrested. The Florida man told his girlfriend via text that he wanted to break the mass shooting record.
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    The news reporting on these cases is inflammatory, defamatory, and exaggerated.

    The Connecticut guy bought 3 standard capacity AR mags out of state and someone called the police on him. He also shared a meme on social media, which he got from a gun forum much like this one, that they are claiming is a threat.

    I haven't looked into the other two, but I know the one guy who talked about body count/etc and said some pretty disturbing things also didn't have access to anything but a 10/22 rifle. He may be nuts but to claim arresting him stopped a mass shooting is nothing more than dinner theater to appease the masses.
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    All the more reason we who are licenced to carry should be able to carry our self-defense firearms in many more places.

    Nothing should be off limits to us except for highly secured locations such as jails, courtrooms, dedicated mental institutions, and perhaps the Gold Dome, although in Texas you can carry into their Capitol building if you have a weapons license.
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    Florida Man strikes again! Because of all the lunatics who moved down from the northeast and midwest and had their dormant mental issues further exasperated by the constant humidity.

    Note - we should have a forum dedicated to "Florida Man" stories. It would never lack for new content. :lol: