THR shuts down their L&P section

Discussion in 'In the News' started by foshizzle, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. foshizzle

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    I don't normally get too involved in the internet drama, but this is interesting. The High Road has shut down their Legal and Political Section because ... ost3604100

    I'm a member over at THR but I seriously think they are a bunch of snobs. If you're not pro law enforcement, meaning they can do no wrong or you're not highly versed in debate skills i.e. pointing out everyone elses logical fallacies and straw man arguments, you have no place there. Whatever technical knowledge they have is better addressed in other forums devoted to what they are discussing (barf15, 1911forums, sigforums, etc).

    Personally, I think they are getting too wound up trying to keep things "High Road" and define exactly what that means. They just couldn't handle anything they couldn't censor.

  2. Wiley

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    I hadn't gone to THR or Glocktalk for months. They both just got boring.

  3. pyromaster

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    The way the signal to noise ratio has risen there, I say no real loss. I personally thought there were more hard core anti-LEO posts than pro-LEO but that's just me.
    That along with everyone spewing their half baked opinion as legal fact and 15 Fred Thompson v. Ron Paul threads on the 1st page is enough for me to not miss it.

    Thank God for GPDO. :D
  4. ICP_Juggalo

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    I got in a spat a few years ago over there with a forum member named "joe saxon". I was promoting was then GFODL and he got his panties in a wad when I made a glib comment about LEO's overreacting to CCW. So what happened afterwords was a battle of words that finally ended with short and heated IM's to each other. Haven't heard from him since. He's probably off somewhere pounding sand and patting himself on the back.
  5. ptsmith24

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    GPDO is the only gun forum I'm a regular at. I'll read TFF and CombatCarry or or rimfire central every once in while, though.
  6. tace

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    Well, this is pretty common place for most internet forums I have seen that reach maturity. It really transcends genres. I have seen this in sports forums, the Knot, etc, etc.

    Greek democracy came to a similar end when the hired debaters were able to quash everyone else arguments. The same concept goes on today in Washington and state govt's, too. Some compare those hired "representatives" to special interest groups or lobbyers.

    One thing that sets GPDO apart so far is that we are a group of ppl who believe in a common cause (or right) and meet semi regularly face to face with loaded handguns. Something to be said for guns making for a more polite society.

  7. Macktee

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    Yeah, what Tace said.

    The nice thing about this group is we are friends. Membership pretty much is limited to one state and we do meet and shoot on a somewhat regular basis. We can argue, but it's difficult to really go off on a person who let you shoot his or her new gun. We're all friends here. I almost said family, but family don't necessarily like each other while friends do. (Oh man! The nuns would have a heart attack over that last sentence... Please don't tell them! Well, most of the really bad ones are dead by now, so that helps...)

    I agree. SO FAR, this is a nice place to hang out and I really, really, really hope it stays that way!!! :cheers:
  8. ber950

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    Yea it amazes one of my co-workers that people with loaded gun are able to poke fun at each other.

    :shoot: :pistol:
  9. budder

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    I hate to break it to you, but when we make fun of you, it's because we really don't like you. There's absolutely no joking about you at all. :(
  10. Malum Prohibitum

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    AND, Macktee, I know where you live! :twisted:
  11. Adam5

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    I'll never tell !!!! E-mail, fax, IM, smoke signals, morse code, carrier pigeons maybe.... Tell ? NEVER !!!
  12. merlock

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