thoughts on the CMMG dedicated 22lr carbine

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Five2one, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Five2one

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    So I've been thinking about getting a dedicated 22lr AR style carbine and hearing good things about Spikes and Tactical Innovations, but I never quite save up the $850 for one of them.

    Then I came across CMMGs dedicated 22lrs for less money. CMMG had a decent reputation for their AR-15s, but I haven't really heard much about their 22lr. Anyone shot one? Anyone able to compare it to a Tactical Innovation or Spikes 22lr?

    I would probably get this one for $500.
    QUEBEC .22 Evolution Rifle w/Low Profile FSB
    * Black Phosphated .22LR Action
    * Mil-spec upper and lower with ceramic finish
    * 1/16" twist barrel
    * WASP finish barrel
    * Carbon Steel Barrel
    * One 25 round mag with last shot bolt hold open follower
    * Compatible with most AR15 accessories and upgrades
    * Low profile Picatinny gas block
    * Gas Deflector
    * Live round extraction
    * Anti-Jam Charging Handle
    * A1 Flash Hider
    * Lifetime warranty
    * Mil Spec Diameter Polymer Buffer Tube (no spring or buffer required)
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    Darn, if I had known you could get a milspec upper and lower .22 for $499 I wouldve gone that route instead of my S&W M&P 15-22. Dont get me wrong, I love my 15-22 but for $50 more I think i wouldve ditched the polymer in favor of milscpec aluminum. At least youve got another lower reciever if the thing bites the dust. if they get goot reviews I might look into getting one of those myself to replace my S&W....

  3. Five2one

    Five2one New Member

    That was my line of thinking, too. That's why I'm still tempted by Tactical Innovations or a Spikes dedicated .22lr. The lowers are real lowers.

    I should note that in an apples to apples comparison, the S&W comes with front and rear sights. The $499 CMMG does not, but the $650 version does. I was planning on using a red dot anyway so iron sights are not that important for a .22lr plinker to me.