Thoughts on carrying at polling places

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  1. Phil1979

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    There are real lawyers here. Learn a few things from them first. I'm still learning.
  2. phantoms

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    Do not trust what you've been told even from a LEO. Always verify.

    You can freely view the GA code by going to and then clicking "Georgia Code" listed under "GA Government".

    This will lead you to the OCGA at LexisNexus where you can search through Georgia Laws and the Georgia Constitution to your hearts content.

    Most of the weapon laws are under Title 16, Chapter 11, Article 4 but a few are scattered about under other code sections.

    Being able to browse the Georgia Code is a immensely valuable resource. For example, get a ticket in your vehicle then browse Title 40.

    Many people will tell you what the law is. The onus is on you to verify it.
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    Also, remember that you can go to, click on the link at the bottom of the page for Georgia Weapons Laws, and at the top of that page of the reproduction of the key laws, you'll find the Lexis Nexis link to the OCGA.
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    just conceal and carry on.
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    Unfortunately, if you print and get patted down by a LEO, you lose your license upon conviction. That's why I bought a .17 HMR revolver to carry when I go vote, as that is one of the legal options.
  6. Phil1979

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    Just got back from voting. I carried a concealed pistol of the type not prohibited by law at polling places, as well as two pocket knives.

    IWB leather DeSantis holster not made for any revolver, but it carried mine well at about the 5 o'clock position.

    One Gwinnett Deputy outside patrolling around, and one inside the public park building. No eyeballing for anyone "printing" a concealed firearm that I could tell. But an open Hawaiian shirt over a tucked in t-shirt should at least give a clue. ;-)

    I may or may not have inadvertently identified myself as a Trump voter by not wearing a mask. No one challenged me on it. And social distancing was well practiced by everyone. Everyone else was masked.

    The volume of voters was WAY down from this same time last Friday morning when I had to abort my voting mission due to stomach trouble.

    Voted straight Republican ticket, including voting for Loeffler.