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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by gsusnake, May 30, 2007.

  1. gsusnake

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    So I posted the other day about getting thrown in the pool while carrying and having some ammo submerged. These were Federal Hydra-Shoks and Remington Golden Sabers.

    As some of you may recall, the Hydra-Shoks misfired twice in two mags after submersion. The Golden Sabers did not.

    I went to the range today to try out some different ammo.

    First was more Hydra-Shoks in 180 gr. These were not particularly accurate and had a lot of kick.

    180 gr HSTs were extremely accurate and easy to fire. I'd carry these any day.

    180 Golden Sabers are also accurate, but seemed to kick harder, which threw off my target reacquisition.

    180 gr Winchester Ranger SXT, which are marketed as law enforcement ammo and purport to be a subsonic round were the easiest to fire, most accurate, and had the least kick. They also seemed to burn cleaner.

    180gr Speer Gold Dots were accurate, but once again were harder to reacquire target.

    I didn't like either the 165gr Hydra-Shoks or HST, nor the 165 gr Golden Sabers.

    Bottom line, in my opinion, the Winchester Ranger SXT in 180 gr is the best bullet out there for .40 S&W carry. I looked up some ballistics data and it expands well, had an average penetration of 13" in gel in FBI tests, and was truly subsonic.

    What do y'all think?
  2. Rammstein

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    I'd rather have a supersonic round, but that's just me.

  3. Malum Prohibitum

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    Not accurate? How far away were you shooting? I have never had accuracy isues with handgun distances before . . .
  4. gsusnake

    gsusnake Token Liberal Hippie

    15 yards.

    By "not accurate" I mean "not making one ragged hole in the center of the target".

    I know at 15 yards anything in a double handspan group will be lethal, but I like to put rounds right down the x-ring.
  5. S&W 40

    S&W 40 Active Member

    I have said in other post and I have not used but a couple other rounds go to the range with what ever you think is good and take a couple very thick glossy paged catalogs. shoot a round and just check and see what happens, the fed hydra shock just makes a mess over fmj and one other hollow point I had. I don't remember the brand but it looked very simular. You could also use watermellons or water jugs but a thick catalog or even a phone book. Take a try, I love my 40 S&W hydra shock.
  6. legacy38

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    Are you sure the Ranger is subsonic? That doesn't seem right.
  7. Axeman

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    I have read in a one of my gun mags that an officer had trouble with his 180 Hydras not expanding quick enough at shorter distances and the article said others had the same problem. They started issuing the 165 Hydras instead.

    I still carry hyrdras when/if I carry my .40s but will carry 165 grain. Especially out of a my SCXD40 as shorter barrels sometimes need a little help.
  8. Hickory Flatlander

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    I will 2nd that...I am swithching to that from the 135gr corbon.
  9. Bulldawg182

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    Give the Gold Dot 180 grain "short barrel" loads a try. I found them accurate, not as much "snap" as the 165s or normal 180s.

    I did have 2 failure to loads in one mag with them, but suspect the new mag I was using since I'd previously had no problem with the short barrel loads in other mags.
  10. gsusnake

    gsusnake Token Liberal Hippie

    That's what it says on the box.