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on gun control/freedom/lobbying/politiking?


Dear Nemo--
Twenty-one states have passed Constitutional Carry into law across America, with five of those states doing so THIS YEAR!
Now another state is aggressively moving on Constitutional Carry, because with Joe Biden in the White House, Republican Governors across the country are FIGHTING for gun owners.
Except Georgia.
For the latest news on Constitutional Carry and the plans that GGO has in place to fight for this legislation next session, please watch the video report below!

Help us crank up the heat on Brian Kemp and the Georgia legislature, so that Georgia can become the 22nd Constitutional Carry state next year!
>>> Sign your petition demanding action on this legislation!
Brian Kemp promised gun owners that he would fight for this legislation when he ran for office. It’s time he keeps his promise to gun owners.

Don’t let him off the hook!
Take action today

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners
P.S. Another state is getting close to passing Constitutional Carry legislation. If this happens, it would be the 22nd state where gun owners don’t need permission from the government to carry a firearm for self-defense!

Watch our video report for all the latest, here!

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Yes. The Dorr Brothers of sham pro-gun state organizations.
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