this is why girls need to carry

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    if this guy is crazy enough to hide out in a middle school bathroom and wait for a victim then us girls walking down the street are definitely NOT safe!

    Here's the text if you don't want to go to the link

    An intruder armed with a knife and duct tape grabbed a 12-year-old girl in a Clarke Middle School restroom Thursday morning in an apparent attempt to sexually assault her, Athens-Clarke police said.

    James Michael Kirt let the girl go unharmed when she screamed, and school employees caught him as he ran toward the sport-utility vehicle he had parked at a shopping center down the street, police said.

    The 31-year-old Albany man entered a side door of the Baxter Street school shortly after 10 a.m. and told a custodian he met that he'd come to apply for a job, according to police.

    A secretary in the school office told Kirt he needed to go to the school district's central office for a job application, Principal Ken Sherman said.

    Kirt then ducked into a teachers' lounge and waited for the hallway to clear before he went into the nearby girls' restroom in the seventh-grade wing, police said.

    No one challenged the man because the school's resource officer had called in sick that morning, and a substitute officer wasn't assigned to take his place, police and school officials said.

    "He unfortunately was home with a sick child today," said Mike Wooten, spokesman for the Clarke County School District. "We do try to have a backup (plan), and we're going to have to see what happened there."

    Kirt lingered in the restroom for a while until the seventh-grade student came in and he grabbed her, police said. Other students in the hall heard screaming and saw Kirt leave the restroom holding a knife, and they alerted school officials who called 911, police said.

    The custodian who let Kirt in and other school employees chased and grabbed Kirt in the parking lot between the middle school and the adjacent Alps Road Elementary School, police said. An officer responding to the 911 call arrived about the same time and arrested Kirt without incident, though he was still holding the knife, police said.

    Although she wasn't physically hurt, the girl was unnerved, Wooten said.

    "Obviously, she was very shaken up, as anyone would be," he said.

    No one else was injured.

    Administrators ordered the school locked down, Wooten said, meaning teachers locked all classroom doors and police officers searched the building, but students completed a full day of school.

    Sherman quickly sent a note to parents on the school's e-mail listserv to tell them what happened, and Wooten said parents did not rush to the school to pick up their children.

    One student, Jorge Ramos, a 12-year-old seventh-grader, was sick and left school shortly after the assault. He said teachers didn't tell students about what happened, but the word made its way through the grapevine.

    "I'm really frightened," Jorge said. "You are supposed to be safe in school."

    Police would not say if Kirt spoke to investigators, but did say he already is suspected of trying to victimize a child in Clarke County.

    "His actions at the school, coupled with the previous incident of enticing a child - he's a pedophile, in my opinion," Athens-Clarke police Capt. Clarence Holeman said. "I think his intention was to place duct tape over the girl's mouth and probably assault her right there in the girls' room."

    Kirt was charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, child cruelty, possession of a weapon in the commission of a crime and possession of a weapon on school grounds.

    The Albany man already had a charge of enticing a child for indecent purposes pending in Clarke County.

    Kirt was at a friend's house in Athens for a New Year's Eve Party when he allegedly told his friend's daughter to lift up her shirt so he could photograph her, police said.

    The girl told her mother what happened, and although Kirt wasn't immediately arrested, the district attorney's office planned to ask a grand jury to indict him on the enticement charge, police said.

    Police believe that school employees caught Kirt as he was running to his Toyota 4Runner parked at the Colonial Promenade Beechwood shopping center, across from Alps Road Elementary School.

    Kirt still held the knife when employees nabbed him, but he didn't struggle and no one was hurt, police said.

    Police didn't know if Kirt targeted Clarke Middle School or went there randomly, but he knows the area because he once had an Athens address, police said. He reported in 1999 that his car was broken into while he lived on China Street, off Oak Street in East Athens.
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    I would have to agree with you there.

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    Sorry Jorge, but you are not.

    Just another reason that GFL holders that are educators should be allowed to carry discretely.
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    so if I run nightly with my dog and i run on a sidewalk past a high school can I legally carry since the sidewalk is probably within the 1000 ft of the school?

    with my schedule I am usually running after dark but my pup is 95+ lbs so I don't worry too much but there are crazy folks everywhere. i already carry a cell phone, flashlight, etc so why not add on some more stuff.
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    Official law: You are good so long as you don't step onto their actual property.

    But then again, a gun is something that when you need need it like no other tool.

    Tried by twelve and all that jazz.
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    This is why child molesters should be shot on sight. If anyone ever did anything to my little girl, they had better hope the police find them before I do. I'll even read them their rights........ "You have the right to die like the piece of **** you are..... BANG, BANG, BANG,BANG, BANG,BANG,BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG,BANG click, reload , BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG" :minigun:
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    Ram's hit the nail on the head, and all that other stuff too!

    I think every woman should get involved and protect themselves!
  8. Adam5

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    I can get a little protective of my daughter.......
  9. Taler

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    My daughter

    My daughter will soon be 24, a fine young woman, and fully capable of handling most situations.

    My perspective remains very close to yours, Adam5.
  10. Adam5

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    With my daughter being 10, I have a few more years before I have to worry about it, but I wonder where the line is, between intimidating dates that are picking her up and brandishing a weapon.........
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    typically i think a dad should be cleaning some sort of rifle when the date shows up....

    honestly I had one date try to take advantage of me one time and he won't do it again :twisted:

    and yes I am a daddy's girl! Anytime a daughter is in trouble we call 1-800-DADDY
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    Adam5 ..... Why are you apologizing??? :righton: My girls are 16 and 26, and I would feel the same way. My mags only hold 8 rounds each, but the goblin would have to also deal with my two sons and one son-in-law while I reload. And-sadly-your daughter being 10 doesn't lessen the risk, as this event in Athens shows.

    Glockgirl...yes, some lib DA might try to prosecute you if you had to draw your weapon while in front of the school. But if the guy attacking you has a gun, your dog is out of the picture with one well-placed shot. Then what do you do? If you are armed, your pet has bought you the time to defend yourself. If you are not, you both become victims.

    And as you know....1-800-DADDY calls always get absolute highest priority
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    on the "dad cleaning a gun" thing.....

    In all seriousness....when I arrived to pick up my wife on our first date, my father-in-law answered the door holding a Remington 870 12 gauge. My actual words were something like " hi Mr. xxxxxx, I'm here to pick up ..........OOOHHHH, NICE SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!" Almost forgot about the date while talking guns with him.

    He was a great guy - WWII vet and like a second father to me, especially when my dad died. I miss both of them.

    But I really don't have to worry too much about making an impression on suitors for my youngest. She still has the torso target from her first ever target shooting trip taped to the door of her room. She was 12, and there are five holes in the red circle with three more in the black x-ring. Heck, she is a better shot than me when she wants to be....
  14. Adam5

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    I can see it now.......... When she's big enough to comfortably handle a real pistol instead of her air pistol......

    New Glock $500
    Ammo $15
    Range visit $5
    Watching your daughter yell "TAKE THAT YOU [email protected]#$^$%^%$ !!!" while putting all her shots in the black, Priceless. :twisted:

    Before she starts dating I'll have to frame a few targets from a GSSF match to hang on the wall. When she gets good enough, she can hang some of the targets from her air pistol competitions on her wall.
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    honestly the dog is just an alarm system. he lets me know where everyone is so no one really gets within 10 ft so yes that is his purpose is to alert. he is useless for defense! but I think many BG will think twice if you don't look like an easy mark (and a dog helps with that)
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    Hey Adam:

    My daughters are 39 and 41 and I can assure you that you never stop being "Daddy". I would love it if they both carried, but they both hate guns with a passion. So does my wife. It worries me. Knowing they are out and about and totally defenceless totally scares the crap out of me! Unfortunately, nothing I can do. They're adults and all three stopped listening to me a looooooooong time ago!

    I also think you'll find, much like I did, intimidating dates isn't necessarily a good idea. My wife straightened me out pretty quickly on that after the girls told her I was scaring off their boy friends.

    Even when the daughters are older, most dads find it's best not to ask too many questions or know all that much.

    At one time, I asked my wife if she thought one of our college-age daughters was sexual active. She quite calmly looked at me and said, "At her age, I was."

    After that, I completely stopped asking questions...

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    "I also think you'll find, much like I did, intimidating dates isn't necessarily a good idea. My wife straightened me out pretty quickly on that after the girls told her I was scaring off their boy friends"

    did you explain to your wife that that was the point.

    my 12yr. old daughter shoot's both my smiths very,very well i trying
    to get her to learn to shoot my mpa (see avatar) but she's not
    ready for that yet.
    i know i have to worry about her but knowing how well she shoots
    i don't worry so much
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    I didn't find the following thread very helpful, but it is a lively discussion of this question: ... sc&start=0
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    Thought this needed an update. ... 9049.shtml

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    Cool - if they mean it. That is a long, long time.