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'This is war': Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack

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I'm not sure of his stance on other issues, but on this one thing alone, I would happily vote for him if I was in his district.
He's getting slammed by the lame stream media.
Of course. The lame stream media only approves of people being easily controlled and victimized sheep.

He's getting slammed by the lame stream media.
has any one tried to share this article on social media? when I try too, it like a ghost ad pops up and wont let you submit to social media!
here is a screen shot of what I'm talking about.


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Brevard County (Kennedy Space Center) is much more gun friendly than many of the more metropolitan areas. My former long range gun club (Palm Bay Rifle & Pistol Club) is located there. Kudos to the sheriff.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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