This is just sick!

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Malum Prohibitum, Nov 29, 2006.

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    This guy was facing 81 years for child porn charges (involving kids as young as 6) and the stupid judge sentences him to only 10 months! He even had character testimony from his Unitarian Universalist-we-accept-everything church! ... E_ID=53070

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    Gotta make sure there's room in the prisons for all of those 'posession with intent to distribute' felonies.

  3. gunsmoker

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    Two Points

    In defense of the plea bargain reached with the DA, keep in mind that this guy was only collecting child porn online, apparently for free. So he wasn't producing it, nor did he have any contact with any of the children who were filmed (they could have been filmed 30 years ago, half a world away), nor did he pay anyone to access this material (so he's not enriching the child porn producers). He was downloading porn to get his own sick satisfactions from viewing it at home.

    But on the other hand, it appears that he TRADED some kiddie porn videos. In order to get some, he had to give some out. So to me, that puts him at a much higher level of culpabilty than someone who would simply view the porn or save a copy from the computer for strictly personal use. Both are felonies, but morally I think helping spread the filth is worse than just wallowing in it yourself.

    Apparently the cops had been investigating this guy for 3 years prior to his arrest. I would assume that they were trying to gather evidence that he may have been actually trying to molest real children in his neighborhood or from his church. Or maybe they suspected that he was producing child porn himself, actually filming it or helping arrange new porn to be made. So when no evidence was found to support any more serious charges, they arrested him and cut a deal based on the lesser offenses that they'd known about for years. That's just a guess, mind you.

    Keep in mind that if this guy gets put on sex offender probation and has to register, etc., that itself is a tremendous burden with extremely serious consequences for even technical violations. One common condition of probation for sex offenders is that they not operate an automobile alone. Can you imagine trying to comply with THAT rule for the next 10 years, knowing that one violation could earn you 25 more years in prison?
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    I agree 10 months seems a little light, but I also agree with da 'smoker. If the cops have been trying to nail this perv for three years w/o any success, then this is probably the best they could do. But...

    As da 'smoker pointed out, registering as a sex offender really cramps your lifestyle!

    And, once word gets out as to why he's in there, dat's gonna be a really looooooooong 10 months...
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    They could just make him serve as the point man when serving no-knock warrants. :shock: