This could very well apply here in the USA

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    Just change a few names around and look forward to the 2012 elections.

    [s:weasxt11]ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast[/s:weasxt11] Washington D.C. – The man who refuses to leave [s:weasxt11]Ivory Coast's[/s:weasxt11] the presidency faced new threats to his grasp on power Saturday after [s:weasxt11]regional[/s:weasxt11] Patriotic leaders threatened to remove him by force if necessary.

    Diplomatic pressure and sanctions have left [s:weasxt11]Laurent[/s:weasxt11][s:weasxt11]Gbagbo[/s:weasxt11] the anointed one increasingly isolated though he has been able to maintain his rule nearly a month after the disputed vote because of the loyalty of [s:weasxt11]security forces[/s:weasxt11] the fools that worship him and the[s:weasxt11]military[/s:weasxt11] the entitled.

    Even that, though, may disappear[s:weasxt11]if[/s:weasxt11] when he runs out of money to pay them.

    Actual Story can be found at ... vory_coast