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Thinking about getting a SIG P229 in 9mm

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What should I know? School me on this weapon, please.

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I have the Sig 229 in .40 DA/SA, not the DAK. I bought from Clyde Armory in Athens with factory night sights and 3x 12 round mags for $679 or $689 (can't remember exactly). This was within the past couple of months so the price should still be good. They had 9 mm also. The night sights are really bright.

I have always been a Glock guy but love this gun. I wish I would have purchased it sooner. It is a little "fat" in the grip and is of course heavier than the Glocks. The larger grip doesn't bother me as my primary carry is the G30 (.45).

I took it to the range right away and the first two mags gave really tight groupings (for me anyway) right out of the box.

I highly recommend this weapon.

I looked at the P239 but it wasn't much smaller (for concealment). The single stack mags gave significantly less round capacity, and the front of the grips were sort of squared off instead of rounded so they were less comfortable to my hand. I have shot the P226 in 9mm and it was really sweet too, just too big of a frame for my preference.

Legacy38 shot it on Sunday - see if he chimes in here.
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Clyde also has an OK selection of used Sigs. I bet you could pick up one and have the service done someone on this board was talking about. They stated Sig will take them in and install night sights, a good cleaning, and adjust/replace springs, etc. for about $100 plus shipping. Just an idea.
RepeatDefender said:
Thanks everyone, I think I will be acquiring one soon. Can't decide on 9mm or .40, though...

I am thinking the 9mm, for cheaper ammo. But I may change my mind.

Thanks again!
If you venture to Athens to look at Clydes Armory, PM me. I will meet you are ARC or the Firing Lane and you can try my .40 P229.
TonyG said:
What do you guys think the most significant differences are betwen the 229 and the 226.
...size. I have the 229 and on my small frame it is a little hard to conceal but can be done. The 226 would not really be an option for me to conceal but I still want one to go with my 229.
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