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Thinking about getting a 10mm but...

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I can't decide which one! I've never shot one tho. I've held a glock 10mm full size (not sure what model that is) but it fills huge in my hand! I'm shooting/carrying a M&P 45 full size now and have became very fond of it but I'm falling in love with the ballistics and the capacity of a 10mm. I'm a fairly large guy 6'4" 290 so I don't think ill have a problem with the added recoil. I am concerned about the newer guns holding up to pressures of a full power 10mm round. Anyone had any problems with this? What gun do y'all suggest? Any other info on the 10mm would be great! Thanks
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Before buying anything, try out an EAA Witness Elite Match. You may find that its ergonomics are excellent.
Ya id love to but its hard to find a range that has many (if any) different 10mm to rent. I don't personally know anyone who owens on either.
Call around to different gun stores and asked to be put on a list to be called if they get one in. Also, visit the gun shows in your area if you have a chance to. Some folks here may also have one they'll show you.
Glock makes a fullsize 10mm in their model 20 and a subcompact in their model 29. I've shot the model 20. Recoil is a little more robust than the 40Short&Weak but easily manageable. Malum has the model 29, which I have not yet shot. Maybe PM him or he may even chime in to comment on the model 29.

I can assure you, Glock engineered both models to be able to withstand the 10mm without fail.
I've got the 20 (full size) and 29 (subcompact .. kinda) and both shoot great, though the 29 is a bit snappier due to the smaller grip and lighter weight.

As far as the guns holding up to the round, some of the early-to-market 10mms were just .45's chambered for 10mm, which over time led to reliability/longevity problems. Glock designed their 10mms as 10mms from the beginning (and then rechambered those as .45 auto for the 21/30) so you'll be set here. I've heard Colt also built their Delta Elite as a 10mm from the get-go, but haven't personally seen any info on it.

The biggest thing with the 10mm is the different loads... there is an absolute difference between target loads, FBI loads, and full power/self defense loads - much more so than "hot" loads of other calibers. If you're firing multiple guns use the same loads to get an accurate comparison. :righton:
S&W 1006
If you don't like the full size glock 20 grip, call around and see if you can find a shop with a 20 short frame. That should be about the size of your m&p.

I have 10mm's in glock, DW and Kimber. Out of those the g20 is by far the most reliable and has the least amount of felt recoil.

If you go the 1911 route be prepared to do some mag experimenting, I've gone through 4 different mag manufacturers to find out what works for my pistols. The kimber is very mag sensitive, it will only run with the kimber mags. The DW runs with everything so far. I had a couple of colt factory mags that wouldn't feed gold dots, they would get stuck nose down so I sold them.

There are a couple of G20's and an EAA witness 10mm for sale over on the outdoors trader now. There's a nice DW for sale in the classifieds here.

If I were forced to pick one to keep it would be a glock.
I have a Glock 20 and a Glock 29. I love them both like children. 15 rounds in the Glock 20 and 10 in a Glcok 29. The recoil is snappy but very manageable. I find I shoot my accurately with a 10mm than do a 45.
Only one choice for me....

Had a Gen 1 Glock 20 years ago. I have it no more. (I do not generally, get rid of any firearm I acquire, ever!)
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Is there supposed to be a pic there?
I really don't see one
I see it now nice!
Didn't there use to be a issue with some early 10mm guns practically shooting there selfs apart?
ZTC said:
Didn't there use to be a issue with some early 10mm guns practically shooting there selfs apart?
I thought was true of a glock in any caliber :mrgreen:
drtybykr said:
ZTC said:
Didn't there use to be a issue with some early 10mm guns practically shooting there selfs apart?
I thought was true of a glock in any caliber :mrgreen:
ZTC said:
Didn't there use to be a issue with some early 10mm guns practically shooting there selfs apart?
"Some quick 10mm history..."
I recently purchased a S&W 1006 which is one of the S&Ws that was built to handle the 10mm. Its the gun in my avatar; and I bought it in excellent condition. As far as shooting it I'd say the recoil isn't a issue for me I've shot 357mag rounds out a bonds derringer with no problem. I'm somewhat numb I guess. I love this gun and I'm now a big fan of the IMHO most potent round in a duty size gun. Since a S&W1006 may be hard to find in great condition I'd go with a Glock 20 or 29 or one of the EAA models.
I believe most of the TURD's (totally unplanned rapid disassemblies) happened to a very few Glock .40's. I don't know of any that occurred with their 10mm's. I wouldn't be worried; Glocks are great guns. I'll never get rid of my first-gen G23.

But since I now buy only all-steel weapons (for myself at least), my first 10mm will be the EAA Witness Elite Match. That purchase got delayed due to getting my CZ in 9mm. My bride tells me now that I really, really have enough guns and can't get any more. I merely take that as a challenge to get creative in winning her over prior to buying the EAA. :lol:
Thanks for all the info guys! I've been doing alot of research on the Caliber and the guns that shoot it over the past few days and y'all have helped tremendously! Soo today I went and put a Glock 20SF on layaway at Cherokee Gun & Pawn! Ive never owned a glock before and fiqued it was due time! Its new in box so I guess its a Gen 3? Anyways I'm fairly excited about it. Also I'm guessing that I can reload the 10mm for way cheaper than buying it?
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