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I'm taking a course on advanced legal research this semester and today a representative from Westlaw came by to give us some extra instruction.

For those of you not familiar with legal research Westlaw is the largest provider of online research for legal professionals in the nation. Their catalog of databases is quite extensive and one of the features of the system is a search by name of database to better narrow your search and hopefully save time.

On a whim, I entered "firearms" into the search databases field. All of a sudden I'm greeted with about 15 databases including a listing of ATF decisions (quite interesting).

The thing the concerned me were the databases for "Carry Concealed Weapons Permits" clicking one of the many states (6 of them) gives you the option to search by name, permit no., street address, city, zip, and "key terms".

Thankfully Georgia isn't one of the states, but it is scary that other states have provided this type of information.
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