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Things get a little controversial on Georgia Gun Trader

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Check out this thread out on a usually benign board. It got locked pretty soon but it still is a little crazy for over there. :lol:
Buddy is going to turn the other guy into the ATF.
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ahlongslide said:
That was fast Ramm!

Rammstein said:
Anyone who reported that guy to the ATF is a ****** and I hope they get in a car crash later today.
****** killed in GA crash

April 26, 2007 2:10 PM

ONE person has been killed in a single-car crash on wet roads south of Atlanta today.

The fatal crash came less than one hour after Rammstein wished the driver to this fate, all because the driver threatened to report a thread member to the ATF.

Police said the car collided head-on into a purple-headed yogurt slinger about 2pm today on I-285 on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Witnesses have said at least one member of the Pink Pistols and several illegal pink rifles were instantly destroyed in the crash.

The car caught fire after impact.

Police have refused to confirm the death but an ambulance service spokeswoman said no one had been taken to the hospital following the accident.

The crash has caused major delays on the busy arterial road with emergency services diverting traffic away from the crash scene.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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