'THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE' Trump backs off vow of Clinton special prosecutor

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    ....."Trump also appeared to back away from his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, over her use of a private email server. Trump made such a promise during the second presidential debate against Clinton during a rhetorical duel that ended with Trump saying if he was president, "you'd be in jail."

    "She did some bad things, I mean she did some bad things," Trump said, to which Stahl responded, "I know, but a special prosecutor?"

    "I don't want to hurt them, I don't want to hurt them," Trump said. "They’re, they’re good people. I don't want to hurt them."......

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    Shocked??? Surely not!

  3. gsusnake

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    Wait... you mean a political figure LIED?????

    Well I never!
  4. gunsmoker

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    Yeah, Trump told a lot of tall tales during the campaign and made promises to do things that he either simply cannot do or will be unwilling to do.
    Or he'll make at best a halfhearted effort on it.
    (I think his campaign was a halfhearted effort, and it's a miracle he won.)

    That being said, if Hillary's use of private e-mail servers was done from her IGNORANCE of the law, while it's not a legal defense, it's OFTEN something that prosecutors consider in whether to bring a case. Juries don't like to convict people of technicality-based crimes, or ones based on simple negligence. Juries are much more likely to convict for crimes with provable MALICE. She knew the law and made an intentional choice to break it for her own selfish purposes. She considered the risks to the USA and put her own convenience / power / ability to thwart the judicial process first.

    Negligence? I can understand Trump not going forward with it, or Obama pardoning her on the way out.
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    It's called "leverage". Holding off means he still has the threat of a special prosecutor. He can save the threat to guarantee her good behavior. In this case, "good behavior" means "shut up and go away". If he calls for the prosecutor, it's out of his hands. Politically, this is a very smart thing to do.
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    If we went to the streets to protest, then Trump would have actually united us all!
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    Not surprising. But, the IRS investigation is still out there and hasn't reached any concussions yet. There's still hope.
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    I couldn't see his face when he reportedly said "they're good people" but I find it hard to believe it was said with a straight face. It sounds like leverage to me. And recall that he is not President YET. The caretaker could still pardon the grifters and then there would be no work for a special prosecutor.
  9. EJR914

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    Time will tell in short order. I never believed Trump would put his decade old best friend in prison. He wouldn't even attempt it.