"There was a tremendous hoo-haa as it was realised the

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    "I'm the only one in this room....." (yet again!!!)

    from the London, England Daily Mail:

    Police marksman suspended after shooting civilian during pistol demonstration

    Last updated at 20:05pm on 31st May 2007

    A police marksman is under investigation after accidentally shooting a colleague in an extraordinary blunder.

    The victim, a civilian employee, was seriously injured in the accident at a lecture room at the HQ of Thames Valley Police near Oxford.

    He was apparently being shown the workings of a police Glock pistol when it went off, blasting him in the torso.

    The victim, aged in his 50s, was left writhing in agony with blood pouring from the wound.

    He underwent emergency surgery and his condition was described as serious but stable.

    The hugely embarrassing incident prompted a major internal investigation and stunned officers.

    One police source at the HQ said: "There are a lot of red faces about this. Why the hell was an experienced firearms officer demonstrating with a loaded pistol in an enclosed environment?

    "Someone’s head will have to roll."

    The victim was among a group of about a dozen civilian employees attending a pre-lunch lecture at the Kidlington headquarters when the blunder happened.

    New employees were being shown the work of the tactical firearms unit when the gun went off and the man was hit at close range.

    He was taken by ambulance to hospital in a serious condition, having lost "a lot of blood".

    The police source added: "There was a tremendous hoo-haa as it was realised the gun which he was showing off had actually 'got one up the spout' and had shot one of his colleagues.

    "There was lots of claret (blood) about as a result of the shooting and the officer was immediately suspended and his gun seized."

    In a statement the IPCC said: "We are conducting an independent investigation into the discharge of a Thames Valley Police firearm that occurred yesterday.

    "The incident occurred during a Thames Valley Police firearms awareness training course, when one bullet was discharged, wounding a member of police staff (a control room operator) in the torso.

    "The wounded man, who is in his 50s, is in hospital in Oxford and is in a serious but stable condition.

    "The firearms awareness session was taking place in a room on police property in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, and involved 11 police control room operators from across the force.

    "Thames Valley Police referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and IPCC investigators have attended the scene of the discharge today, and begun to gather evidence."

    IPCC Commissioner Deborah Glass added: "I have decided that we should conduct an independent investigation, using our own investigators, to establish the circumstances of this incident.

    "The investigation will examine how live ammunition came to be present in a firearm during an awareness session and consider whether any criminal or disciplinary offences have been committed."

    She added that details of the police marksman who fired the gun would be a matter for Thames Valley Police to reveal if they wished.

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    Well, that sucks.

    I wonder if, in these gun free countries, if the medical doctors lose their ability to treat a wound that (conceivably) never happens?
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    "Comments" that have been posted to the article at the newspaper's web site. Most of them are a hoot! One is a hoot-and-a-half!

    We keep on being told how highly trained firearms officers are, this makes you wonder doesn't it?.

    - Johngee, London,England.

    Police = truncheons full stop.Army = firearms its their
    job and they are better at it.

    - Jim Rhodes, HULL YORKSHIRE

    The first thing you do when removing the magazine is to remove the one in the barrel{ not normally there, only used if it is necessary to be able to shoot with no delay] The fire arms officer must be reprimanded.

    - Victor Arram, westcliff on sea

    Yet they can kill an innocent man stone dead with 11 rounds to his head and torso without even been repremanded.

    What sort of police force do we have in this nation!

    - Alan, Leeds UK

    I can just see the zeros adding to this victims bank balance now.Where is Max Clifford when you need him?

    - Watcher, Cadiz,Spain

    When you release the clip from an automatic and it is not already in the open position to show the chamber is empty, it leaves a round in the barrel. It is imperative when showing anyone a gun that the safety is on or pointed to the floor and the breach opened for them to see it is empty and in doing so it will expel the remaining round if one is there. As soon as any automatic is finished with, it should be checked that it is clear. Any automatic when on duty the shooter must check that the breach is clear then load the magazine. When drawing the gun for use, the shooter must remove the safety and cock the gun with two hands. Unfortunately, there is a trend to leave one in the breach and then enter the full magazine so there are 7 rounds available. This means all the shooter has to do is draw the weapon, release the safety, cock the firing pin only and then they are then able to fire all 7 rounds off like in the old Wild West. Following this method is dangerous.

    - Alan, Spain
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    You beat me to it. I was going to ask if it was Glock fo-tay. :D Appearently he wasn't professional enough to handle it. :p
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    Please note the bold sections of these comments. The article did mention that it was a Glock right?
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    My head hurts after reading that one...
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    This one doesn't count. It's from England.
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    Glock? Where did you get that from?
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    the story

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    I think they also resent guns because it means a situation has arisen that they can't handle with their bare hands. Most UK cops think they can handle anything or anybody without resorting to gunfire. All that noise and smoke is just so distasteful and degrading... so American even! Ewww!
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    Am I the only one to notice how many stupid sentences there are int his article?

    For example: "One police source at the HQ said: "There are a lot of red faces about this. Why the hell was an experienced firearms officer demonstrating with a loaded pistol in an enclosed environment?"

    ENCLOSED ENVIRONMENT???? Aren't the rules the same in a room or outside in a corn field?

    Why no reference to the 3 golden rules of safe gun handling?

    Why a hed has to roll?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and we are seeing another flaming proof...

    Thank you