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Sgt. B,

ICPJ sent you a link to the most relevant law on the subject. Note, however, that the law is rather oddly worded. Subsection (d) is the part of interest to you, but it does not tell you what you have to do. It only tells you what the rest of the subsections do not forbid. Don't be fooled, however. GA courts have interpreted Subsection (d) to be "inverse prohibitions." Not complying with them is a violation of subsection (a).

So, if you have a GFL, you may carry a handgun (notice it doesn't say "firearm") in any manner you want in your truck. Whether you do or don't have a GFL, you may carry a firearm (including a rifle) in the glove box or console or in a fully exposed manner. You also may carry a firearm (including a rifle) unloaded, in a case, and separate from the ammunition.

I really doubt the legislature intended to exclude long guns from those that can be carried in any manner by someone with a GFL. At the time the law was written, I think they thought of long guns as not concealeable. With the proliferation of folding stocks and collapsible rifles, this of course is no longer the case (if it ever was the case). Many rifles will fit easily under the seat, in a door pocket, under an armrest, pushed down between seats, etc.

It's difficult to imagine the legislature meant for a GFL holder to be able to put his large revolver with a 16 inch barrel under the arm rest, but the smaller collapsed carbine has to be fully exposed. Of course, I doubt many LEOs appreciate the difference in this wording, and therefore they assume a GFL holder can carry a rifle in any manner in a car.

I'm assuming a rifle in a gun rack in the rear window is perfectly fine, even if the windows are heavily tinted, but I've never seen that come up.
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