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The War on Terror

Terror is not a group of people, or a country, it is a tactic used in war. Telling people that we are at war on terror is propaganda. It may be simplistic, but effective, to play a substitution game. Whenever they say “war on terror†substitute “war against people who want us out of their countriesâ€. So we have a giant war against people who want us out of their countries, which makes it easier to understand why we need propaganda in order to propagate this myth. People in this country don’t want to believe that we are fighting people who just don’t want to buy what we are selling. Let me explain.

We were attacked by terrorists on 9/11, but the history of our War for Terror did not begin on 9/11. The United States has engaged in a belligerent, meddlesome foreign policy that has inspired the very enemies we now face while bankrupting our country both morally and financially.

One of the best articles that I've read so far on the "War on Terror." Its a really good and thorough read.
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