The Price of Free Corn

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    Thanks Mzm,

    That's a good post and shows why I'm against the government giving people a "free ride". I'm in favor of the government giving help to people who need it, but they shouldn't get a free ride. There should be stipulations attached to welfare programs. Recipients should be REQUIRED to work, their children should be REQUIRED to stay in school and meet certain grade points, getting pregnant while on it should IMMEDIATELY disqualify you (if you need govt money to live on, you obviously can't afford a larger family), and there should be a time limit on how long they qualify. Drug use and commiting crime should also be a disqualifier.

    Temporary welfare programs for people that end up in bad situations due to situations beyond their control, I can live with. People spending their entire life on welfare, due to idiotic personal choices, I can't stand. People need to accept responsibility for their actions, and strive to better themselves. They should not just say "My momma was uneducated and on welfare, so that's good enough for me". There are plenty that were born poor and on welfare programs, that have studied, learned, risen out of the slums and bettered themselves. All it takes is work and determination.

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    I copy stories like this one and give it to my kids to read.

    There's another one about wealth distribution told in relationship to grades (i.e. give some of your "A" that you earned to another student that was lazy so that both of you get a "C").

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    Ther is one on the SCOTUS that was born in Pin Point right next to Savannah, small hole in the wall and he made it.
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    Exactly my point. There is no reason for people to be on welfare for their entire lives. Well, actually there is, it's called being too lazy to get off your a** and work to better yourself and your family. Too many people in this world are content to sit back and live on someone elses dime.
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    That's a good parable.
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    THAT would be a valuable tool for educating school aged folks who do not yet understand what it means to work a hard month just to see one third to one half of the money seized.

    End the grade example with a question - now how hard are the A students going to work after this new policy takes effect?