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The PPS at Forest Park is no longer available

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That was your daily PSA.

And, NO! I am not gonna say if I bought it or not.
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Let's say I took it for a spin. Great little gun, wonderful sights, very accurate and recoil is no biggie. My first 3 shots were in the chest of the target and were all touching each other. I was shooting American Eagle 115 grain 9mms and by round 75 the gun was broken. The managers at the range looked at it and at first they thought they fixed it. Then 5 more rounds, the slide locked back and wouldn't release. Apparently there is a little design flaw in the slide release lever spring. So, they are sending the gun back to S&W (they are a S&W dealer), with a nasty letter. Oh, there were some scratches on the slide, looked like holster wear, even though it was brand new.

I could have kept the gun and dealed with S&W myself, but I really couldn't trust this gun as my carry anymore. That and the fact that I couldn't afford it in the first place, so I took it as a sign and walked away.
budder said:
Oh :( But at least it shot well when it was working. How is it on size? Pocketable?
Size was only slightly larger than a PF-9, only in the tail part. Pocketable, if you have cargo pants.

Yes, it shot well, but that's a moot point, it has to work better than 99.9% to be a carry gun. You wouldn't expect an HK, SIG, Glock or XD to fail within 75 rounds.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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