The "OMG You are an idiot" thread.

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by gruntpain1775, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. gruntpain1775

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    We all encounter them. The one or ones that simply have nothing upstairs. The ones who make you wish natural deselection will hurry up and get them. The ones whos lights are blinking, bells are rings, whistles are whistling.....but that train just ain't coming. The stupid.

    It seems like I was surrounded by them today. The one that got me was the mental midget where I was buying some food today. Total was $11.02. I give the young lady a 20 dollar bill, a 1 dollar bill and 2 pennies. I should have been given a $10 bill back. I gave up arguing with the girl after about 5 minutes. I couldn't take it an had to leave.

    They walk among us....
  2. Campeck1911

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    My girlfriends brother doesn't know what a rectangle is. He is also going to be going to jail very soon because of his idiocy.
    That's what happens when your parents don't know how to be an authority figure and you let your kid drop out of highschool. WTF...highschool is not that hard. :screwy:

  3. Deek

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    You know what my job is? Automotive repair related. The Big Box store of the industry.

    Want to know how fun it is explaining to the customer whom declined getting the shocks they needed last time they came in for tires and why 3,000 miles later their 50,000 mile rated tires are bald on the inside is? It's really fun! Really!

    Yeah, it's a 20 minute conversation every time, and full of stupid.

    And that's just tires...

    But yeah I agree, there are some real mindless folks out there, and it's my job to sell them typically expensive things that they don't know why they need. Sweet!
  4. Docindahouze

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    I work at a gas station to help out my parents and we get all sorts of idiots there. One time a man came in with head buried in his iPhone. He asked when we had last changed our diesel prices. I told him the day before. He then goes on about how he had driven 20 miles because his iPhone app showed our diesel price to be $2.65. In reality the price was way off from what was on our road sign. I assured him that our price did not jump that much in a day. Keep in mind folks that these apps are unreliable becaus anyone can update prices. I told him that he was looking at an unreliable source and that I only posted my prices on my road sign and at the pumps. He was still managed to call me names though and blame me for his screwup. He tried to rub it in by telling me he wasn't gonna give me any of his business, to which I told I would not let him buy my diesel anyway because he was being rude. After he left I downloaded the same app on my iPhone to take a closer look. Turns out the price which he though was diesel was actually gasoline, it was still the wrong price even for gasoline. The thing that puzzled me was that he didn't even call to confirm the price, would have been cheaper for him to do that instead of driving 20 miles to find out.
  5. SaltySamurai

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    Guys, I feel your pain. But the truth is....when stupid people doing stupid things upsets us.....shame on us.

    Here's why.

    Being upset is most likely due to an unmet expectation. So if stupid people are constantly failing to meet your expectations, perhaps you should lower your expectations and realize that the VAST MAJORITY of the people you will deal with are STUPID.

    I realized this when I was in high school. I set my expectations accordingly.....and I don't know that I've been truly upset by stupidity since. Not cause it hasn't happened...and not that when it does, it doesn't inconvenience me somehow. (ruined food....return trip to store....etc) It's cause when stupid does happen.....I had already expected it my expectations are I'm not upset.

    And when stupid DOESN'T can be pleasantly surprised!

    So how to do you know when to expect Stupid to show up? ANSWER: All the time.

    Why? Cause stupid people are EVERYWHERE. They make up the majority of society. And you folks in any service industry know that all too well. 9 out of 10 people are probably stupid.

    I know what you readers may be thinking...."So if 10 people read this....Salty just called 9 of them 'stupid?' And if Salty wrote 'you're an idiot,' he was probably talking to me?"

    YUP. (in fact, I did that not too long ago in a thread....and sure enough....some people took offense to it...I WAS NOT SURPRISED)

    Just playing the odds, folks. If you weren't so'd know to not take it personal. I mean, who would take offense to being lumped into a statistic that was jabbered by some internet entity? Wouldn't that overreaction and broadcasting of your lack of self-esteem be stupid? Just nod along knowing that I'm probably(in the most literal sense of the word) right.

  6. Owl

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    I was sure I would find a photograph of myself on this thread. So far though.....

    Once, before the election I was speaking with co-workers about how they were planning on voting. One of them said she would probably vote for Obama because he seemed "cool." I said to the young lady "Yeah, he seems like he might be "cool" ( holding back the vomit )but have you read his Party's platform?"

    Her reply to me: what's a "platform?"

    PS - My wife hates NOT to give exact change and every time she does what you were saying about giving someone a ten and a quarter and a penny or whatever, in order to get back a single bill - and it stumps them - she goes into hysterics about how stupid they must be! I just hope she never needs to try and get change from me that way, because although I don't consider myself a total idiot, I was never good at math. Then, when you think about it - anyone working in a retail store would need only to look at the register for the answer to how much change to give back.

    Anyway, good thread. I give it a 9, because it's funny and I could dance to it if I wanted to.......but that would be idiotic. ;)
  7. The Math Teacher

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    I'm sorry....
    you were just screeching for it.
  8. Teeter

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    Wow . . . isn't public education wonderful? But I'll bet she doesn't have any 'self-esteem' issues.

  9. HydroAuto

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    "Heeeere's your sign!"
  10. Owl

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    Obviously I walked beak first into that one. I'm just surprised it wasn't the ORLY? one. :) LOL
    I wish I was half as handsome as that guy is - that's a fine lookin' owl, actually.
  11. lostprofit

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    I still think one of my favorites was when I worked customer service for FedEx and trying, for several minutes, to explain why she couldn't ship her package to Germany via FedEx Ground, I finally gave up and told her, "Ma'am, they haven't built a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean yet." It's kind of fun to watch the pieces click into place. The best part was, my manager was up there with me and almost fell over laughing after she left.
  12. Fallschirmjäger

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    At one time in my life I had to run a register, and with today's economy I may wind up running one again. Most of the problem arises because in an effort to be more efficient companies measure how quickly a cashier can complete a transaction. There is a standard for how quickly you can scan a packages UPC, there's a standard for how quickly you can type in the 4011 for a banana or 4664 for a tomato (Better hope you have them memorized, because the standard ISN'T considering that you may have to find it, or that it might be smudged, or missing). There's a standard for how long a customer has in order to fill out a check or to swipe their ATM card. There's a standard for how long it takes to make change for bills, and each one of those times is measured down to the thousandth of a second. If you don't meet or exceed the standard (which is based on perfection, you're counseled and can even face termination.)

    Unfortunately, customers are people not robots and you cannot predict a person's actions to that much of a degree so all cashiers learn to take shortcuts where ever possible. Sometimes it's suspending the transaction while a customer searches his or her change purse for that last elusive penny (old people, especially, are the bane of cashiers), sometimes it's signing off the register for the extra 20 seconds almost every check writer seems to require.

    So, what does that have to do with cash?
    Because it's one of the ways to cheat the ELMS score, what many cashiers will do is as soon as they see a bill they'll hit $20* and then close the cash drawer (because closing the drawer is what stops the ELMS timer.) Unfortunately, sometimes someone pulls out the $1.02 right after that.

    Making change is easy, but ..... the cashier who's just had a couple hundred transactions is looking and remembering how much change the register says to give back. And the register's never wrong, and even if it is, your drawer better have as much money in it as the register says, or you got's some 'splainin' to do.
    ... And that's where the difficulty comes in, you're asking the cashier to trust you (and actually Think about how much change to give back) rather than trusting Mr Register who's never lied to them yet.

    * Sometimes you just hit Cash/Cash but they you have to make change the old-fashioned way as Grunt saw. I've always thought the ELMS score was complete BS, as 90% of what slows a cashier down is beyond the cashier's control (customers, ink pens missing, tags smudged, items forgotten, yada-yada-yada.)
  13. gruntpain1775

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    Merging gets at me too. For some reason folks think the on ramp to the freeway is there for them to go all of 35mph the entire length of it then try to merge into traffic that is going 70+.

    Kills me...
  14. gsusnake

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    And then they make rude gestures at me when I violate the gore, merge early, and speed up to survive in traffic, which also incidentally cuts them off and prevents them from being able to merge.
  15. Suburbbus

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    I am going to jump in on this one. This person in my opinion was a total idiot.

    This afternoon, my daughter sends me a text message while I am in my car. I ignore it since it is now illegal to do that while behing the wheel of a vehicle. So, when I get a chance I pull off of the 4 lane road I am on into the very long entrance lane to some apartments on the same side of the road I am on. This lane had to be at least 50-60 feet long. I pull over to right as far as possible in the very beginning of this lane. I have my foot on brakes the whole time with brake lights lit up and was not moving.

    While I am sitting there with brake lights lit up, I hear a horn blow and look into my mirror and there is some gal in a Mercedes pulled in behind me right on my rear bumper and is waiting for me to move forward.

    I stuck arm out window and motion for her to go on around and she blows the horn again. This second time, I just throw up both arms in air from inside car in the "what is wrong with you" motion. Again I motion out the window for her to go around. I guess that she finally realized that I was not moving and she starts to pull around real slow, like barely moving and gives me the really "evil" stare as she creeps past me.
    I just looked at her and said to her, since she had apparently now rolled down the passenger front window down, to just go around. Once she passed me, she tore off up the other 55 or so feet of turn lane and went up into the apartments.

    I just thought to myself, "what an idiot".
  16. CoffeeMate

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    No doubt she was thinking the same thing. :lol:

    (You know, for stopping at a time when she wanted you to be moving)
  17. Suburbbus

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    I would totally agree with you on that one. :)

    But you know, when I see that I am approaching someone who is pulled over with brake lights on and not moving, I like to think that I have enough sense to just go around them.