The NFA Review Channel reviews the Essence of Liberty 22LR can by Liberty Suppressors

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    The NFA Review Channel reviewed our Essence of Liberty 22LR can recently. Check it out...

    I am hoping that I'm posting this is the appropriate place to share this with you guys without violating any rules. Thanks!

    Tim @ Liberty.
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    a beautiful piece of titanium artwork !!!

    For anybody who doesn't own a silencer, if you love guns and shooting you really should try one. I've owned a .22LR silencer for about 10 years now. It's by far the most useful and practical of all the toys in my NFA stamp collection, and I've got one of everything.

    (short shotguns are fun, too, but a .22 LR silencer will just get so much more use, especially if you shoot outdoors and not at an indoor range where no matter how quiet your gun is, people will be shooting all sorts of other portable cannon next to you, rattling the ceiling tiles.)

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    Side question - do you offer any sort of discounts to GPDO members?
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